just plan it offers interface realization to SAP Business ByDesign now

    July 13, 2022

    The production scheduling software just plan it now also offers the realization of bidirectional interfaces to the ERP cloud solution for mid-market business from SAP: SAP Business ByDesign. This means that make-to-order companies, using this ERP system can now easily integrate a full-fledged scheduling tool, specially designed for their manufacturing processes, to it.  

    For all those who do not know just plan it: jpi has been specially developed for make-to-order manufacturers. The main goal of this scheduling software solution is to better deal with many unforeseen events and to avoid chaos in order to deliver the jobs to the customer on time in the end.

    The central element of just plan it is the planning board, (read also 10 key functions a digital planning board for HMLV manufacturer should offer),  in which all jobs, their individual intermediate tasks, the resources, their allocations, and capacities are visualized. This gives the planner the necessary overview of what work is pending, what is in progress, and what has been completed. Planning is based on a priority list. jpi calculates the allocation of resources according to their capacities and skills. Nevertheless, the planner can intervene manually in the planning, because changes to the plan at short notice are the order of the day for make-to-order companies. The recalculation of the modified plan is then handled by jpi's scheduling engine (read also 3 scheduling principles for a digital planning board for job shops).

    For manufacturers, working with SAP Business ByDesign, jpi, therefore, offers a unique tool for production scheduling:

    • more overview of scheduled jobs, resources, and allocation
    • less scheduling effort due to scheduling engine
    • high flexibility and self-decision-making through manual intervention options
    • quick decision through visual decision support

    And the good news is: no major training is required to use jpi.

    Customers from other ERP systems also use jpi. Here is an overview of the existing interfaces:

    bidirectional interface from just plan it to SAP Business ByDesign available now

    And now you are curious to know how just plan it can help you organize your make-to-order production? Make an appointment with our scheduling experts - they will give you a short introduction to the product, and help you upload some test data from your production to just plan it. 

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