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One software for the complete production scheduling journey

just plan it provides scheduling, execution, and messaging within one complete, fully-circle software package - proven with hundreds of HMLV manufacturers 


Scheduling is more than moving operations

It only provides value if it is woven into your execution and your management processes.

just plan it reflects the special needs of small job shops, producing highly customized products in small batches.

  1. It starts with creating a production order and priority-based automatic scheduling
  2. It takes into account your execution and automatically updates the schedule based on feedback from the shop floor.
  3. It provides schedulers, planners, managers, etc. with alerts and automatic messages if things require special attention.

Your just plan it package



Effective automatic, manual and visual scheduling purposely built to support the processes of high-mix low-volume manufacturers.


Data entries

Starting is easy! The entry of data for jobs and resources is very well structures and easy to handle.

Automatic & drag/drop scheduling

We call it hybrid scheduling - you can manually intervene in the schedule, when unexpected things happen. The automatic schedule takes over the adaption of the rest of the schedule.

Graphical Planning Board 

just plan it follows a visual approach - all data are visualized in a planning board that is intuitive to use


There is a standardized Excel upload interface, but the API allows easy integration with other software

Report generator & Excel export

All data (jobs, tasks, and resources) can be generated in reports and exported to Excel



Capture shopfloor data with an easy-to-use application that you can run on any device. Helps you to keep your schedule always current.


Different roles

Define different roles - from manager, planner to operator, with different responsibilities. 

Operator task lists with progress tracking

Based on the schedule task lists for each operator with start and end date tracking will be created.

Shop floor progress integration

Based on the feedback of the operators, jpi automatic reschedule the tasks and update the schedule to the current status.



Create rules and alerts to automatically notify stakeholders about changes to your schedule, critical issues or KPI changes.


Push notifcations

Create push notifications to get informed by important changes in the schedule immediately.

Free configuration

Define who get informed, about what and how often - by email or by any messaging application 

Additional just plan it apps 

Production Excellent Dashboard


Get meaningful production KPIs at one glance with powerful drill down capabilities. Track your shop's velocity, shopfloor progress, throughput and on-time delivery with one dashboard.

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Priority Plus


Integrate just plan it with any state-of-the-art ERP system, and get an Excel-style frontend to quickly change job data and resource assignments.

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