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Apps & integrations: level up your production schedule 

Today, the customer is in control, business is digital, and the best customer experience wins. Make sure that you make production scheduling an integral part of the experience you provide our customers. Here are apps and integrations to level up your production schedule.

just plan it - interface

Get your tech stack talking

We all know that teamwork typically outperforms isolated work. The same is true for technology: technology works better when it works together.

That's why we offer the production scheduling API and development platform as part of our just plan it offering.  

And that's why we and our partners offer out-of-the-box apps and integrations all aimed at helping you unlock your data to provide a better overall experience.

All apps and integrations are built to level up your production schedule,

Featured apps & integrations

just plan it - production excellence dashboard

Production excellence dashboard

Get more of your production schedule and execution data with a ready-to-use PowerBI dashboard.

Priority Plus - icon

Priority Plus

Integrate just plan it with any state-of-the-art ERP system, and get an Excel-style frontend to quickly change job data and resource assignments.


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