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We revolutionize the way small make-to-order manufacturers can schedule their shop. Here is what your customers are saying.


Paneltech is a designer, manufacturer and installer of bespoke joinery, cabinetry and solid surface products from UK. From design, manufacture, and project management to delivery and fitting, we understand that different customers and projects require different levels of service.

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Ciovita is a premium apparel manufacturer from South Africa. The company has been using an ERP system, but worked with Microsoft Excel for scheduling purposes. This approach did no longer scale, and Ciovita decided for just plan it.

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Loynds designs, manufactures and upgrades candy and chocolate machinery to customer’s exact requirements. The family-owned company has a long-term history and used to plan on spreadsheets and paper lists. They were lacking a clear view on shop-floor capacity, and had a hard time manually updating the schedule to keep track of everything. Hence they decided for just plan it.

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Giro Engineering Ltd specializes in the design and manufacture of fuel injection pipes. Their Excel-based scheduling could no longer cope with the company’s growing operations. Hence, the decision was made to take production scheduling to the next level; they adopted to utilize a bespoke software package.

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Over twenty-five years ago, CRG set out to build a company that would provide their customers with the very best products, made from a wide variety of materials. As result of consistent growth, the company has over 35,000 SKUs and had hard times scheduling and tracking orders. Hence, CRG integrated their ERP software with just plan it.

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Founded in 2008 as a 3D prototyping company with a focus at the highest level of car sports (F1, WRC rally), Tenco DDM quickly grew into other areas such as product design, industrial applications and MedTech. This company growth made the previously whiteboard-based scheduling system to reach its limits. Hence the company introduced a visual scheduling software.

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Cortinas México

Cortinas México is a manufacturer of rolling doors, metallic curtains and innovative products such as Aluvista curtains made of polycarbonate to protect the die-cuts from wind, dust, and rain. They scheduled their production with a Gantt chart that was built in Excel, but they were not able to calculate reliable due dates for their jobs. Today just plan it helps them to build a production schedule. 

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Edge Fabrication

Edge Fabrication is a family-owned precision sheet metal company based in Irving, Texas. They use the E2 Shoptech ERP system. Today they added the production scheduling software jpi and a specific jpi app called Priority Plus to E2 and achieve a 30% reduction in WIP while their order volume increases

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