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Lead times cut; throughput increased; on-time deliveries improved

Executive summary

Over twenty-five years ago, CRG set out to build a company that would provide their customers with the very best products, made from a wide variety of materials.

As result of consistent growth, the company has over 35,000 SKUs and had hard times scheduling and tracking orders. Hence, CRG integrated their ERP software with just plan it.

Results are:

  • On-time deliveries improved
  • Lead times cut
  • Throughput increased

The production scheduling challenge

Offering more than 35,000 SKUs while simultaneously managing to promise and achieve short delivery times became a challenge for CRG. Especially an improper scheduling process started to create serious issues. Guillermo Cardoso, Global Supply Chain Manager, remembers:

We were having a hard tome scheduling and tracking all orders. This was resulting in a loss of efficiencies. Consequently, we explored several job shop scheduling software systems.”



About Canada Rubber Group

Since 1987, Canada Rubber Group Inc. (CRG) has been the supplier of choice for gaskets, sealing solutions, automotive/OEM solutions, and custom fabrications. CRG is a rubber/plastic/fiber converter and molder that serves a wide variety of industries.

With a state-of-the-art production process which fully conforms to ISO 9001:2015, we provide our customers with the very best products fabricated from elastomers, engineered plastics, and other materials.

Production scheduling requirements

CRG involved both the operations and the plant manager as well as the scheduler into this process. The requirements were clear as Guillermo states:

The flexibility, pricing and support were crucial in selecting just plan it.”

Especially the support provided by the respective software vendor was key for the team at CRG:

“We always felt we had fast, reliable and amicable support.”

Learning and using just plan it

After a short trial, Canada Rubber started with on on-boarding process which included the one-time development of a one-directional interface to their Sage system. The entire process from start to productive usage took less than two weeks. Guillermo summarizes their getting started experience:

“JPI met our expectations as soon as we started using it. It is the most user-friendly solution available. It took us under two weeks to completely migrate our scheduling to JPI. The JPI team was an invaluable resource and helped to get our company’s system hooked up with JPI in order for us to do automatic data dumps.”

Today, the software is used every day and is core for Canada Rubber to mange the entire schedule and sync with the execution, as Guillermo confirms:

“Our scheduler uses just plan it on a daily (hourly) basis coordinating regular production with rush orders. The flexibility of moving the schedule is invaluable to us.”


CRG regularly syncs their new jobs from the ERP system with just plan it. Then the scheduler takes over and manages both standard and rush jobs – always with having full transparency on delivery time commitments and resource utilization. Hence, he can make decisions fast and firm.

The result according to Guillermo is:

“We have become more proficient at scheduling in the job shop, it is a visual, easy system for all involved to understand. Our on-time deliveries increased, our lead times were cut significantly and hence the throughput increased.”