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Simplified automatic finite scheduling for high-mix low-volume manufacturer

We work with you and provide affordable, simple, and yet powerful production scheduling to increase your productivity by >25%.

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Get the formula to sustainable make-to-order job shop success.


just plan it is simplified, yet powerful production scheduling for high-mix low-volume manufacturers. From working with hundreds of job shops, we figured out the critical factors of success: 

  1. They succeed when they have transparency of what is happening on the shop floor.
  2. They succeed when they deliver on time.
  3. They succeed when they maximize the throughput.

We built just plan it with these success factors in mind. just plan it is a visual and automatic finite scheduling software, accompanied by laser-focused consulting and best practices.


1000+ active users on all 5 continents and counting

Canada Rubber Group
Giro Egineering
Bermingham Controls
out of the BLUE box

Automatic finite scheduling is the key for job shops to robust success (customer cases)

30-40% productivity increase in 1st week; ROI within 1-2 months

Before using just plan it, Paneltech tried various systems. They ranged from simple spreadsheets to very expensive advanced scheduling software. However, they were not made for make-to-order manufacturers and hence always had a point of failure”.

“We had a 30 to 40% increase in productivity in week one. The return on investment was within 1 or 2 months. As everybody trusts the software, I get less interruptions. This is actually giving me more time to focus on other things to take my business forward to the next level.”

Operations Director | Owner
Paneltech Industries




50% OTD improvement while reducing personnel costs by 20%

Before using just plan it Impact Stamping & Graphic Converting Inc. despaired of finding a suitable scheduling solution for their highly customized make-to-order business. As a result, they added an extra of 2-3 weeks to the production start date as a default estimate for delivery dates and “threw more people at the problem” to meet the promised delivery dates. With the introduction of just plan it, which only lasted one week, Stamping & Graphic Converting Inc. was able to significantly benefit from the powerful automatic finite scheduling functionality.

"We completely trust the delivery dates now. Overall, we have improved our OTD rate by around 50% so far. Overtime is no longer a concern for us. And we no longer need to hire temporary staff, which has significantly contributed to cutting costs".

Ankit Parikh
President & Owner
Impact Stamping & Graphic Converting Inc.


50% OTD improvement while reducing personnel costs by 20%

25% increase in on-time deliveries

Although successfully running an ERP system, CIOvita's production scheduling always happened with homegrown Excel spreadsheets. This approach did not scale with the company's growth. Consequences were: lack of transparency, and hence loss of agility. Constant change and fire-fighting became the norm.

“just plan it helped us most in making sure we deliver on time. We have seen a 25% increase in on-time orders. Most important is: Each department can see the impact their efforts have to keep a job on track.”

Ciocvita - Andrew GoldANDREW GOLD


25% increase in on-time deliveries

Lead times cut; throughput increased; on-time deliveries improved

Offering more than 35,000 SKUs while simultaneously managing to promise and achieve short delivery times became a challenge for CRG. Especially an improper scheduling process started to create serious issues. Guillermo Cardoso, Global Supply Chain Manager, remembers: “We were having a hard tome scheduling and tracking all orders. This was resulting in a loss of efficiencies.

CRG regularly syncs their new jobs from the ERP system with just plan it. Then the scheduler takes over and manages both standard and rush jobs – always with having full transparency on delivery time commitments and resource utilization. Hence, he can make decisions fast and firm. The result according to Guillermo is: “We have become more proficient at scheduling in the job shop, it is a visual, easy system for all involved to understand. Our on-time deliveries increased, our lead times were cut significantly and hence the throughput increased.”

Canada Rubber Group

How to cut lead times with production scheduling software

Automatic Finite Scheduling Benefits = Your Succes Driver

Achieve >90% on-time deliveries (OTD)

Cut your lead times
by at least 20%

Increase your throughput
by more than 25%

production scheduling software benefits 1_v2
production scheduling software benefits 2_v2
production scheduling software benefits 3_v3

Automatic finite scheduling helps you to get your high-mix low-volume shop under control. You will improve your productivity: increase capacity utilization, increase resource efficiencies, decrease your lead times, maximize your throughput, and remain able to deliver. 

Proper production scheduling provides you with transparency.
The transparency lets you act faster.
This makes you more robust.


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Automatic finite capacity scheduling - the answer to the dynamics in a high-mix low-volume (HMLV) environment

Each of your jobs is unique. Your routings are flexible, and customer requirements keep on changing. In the minute, a new rush order comes in, your manually created schedule is worthless, and chaos starts to rule.

just plan it adds automatic scheduling to your processes. It takes care for an effective, priority-based machine sequencing. Eliminate the need for outdated, manual, low return tools. 



Rapidly act in case of unplanned incidents with an easy-to-understand visual schedule

Have no visibility as to where your jobs are? Do you immediately know what to do when a machine breaks? Or do you need to check with a lot of people, and get a ton of information?

just plan it makes the entire schedule visual, and hence transparent. This transparency brings actionable insights, and you can take corrective actions in seconds, not after minutes or even hours. Stay on top of your shop.

Get data from the shopfloor (via an app) - This automatically integrates the progress of operations and keeps your schedule updated

The daily morning "schedule meeting" routine is expensive. Too many people are in one room for too long time. They discuss the schedule rather than executing it. just plan it lets different types of users collaborate on your schedule to keep it updated permanently:

With the multifunctional Tablet Client, your operators get a very powerful tool that always shows the current worklist of their areas of operations. Furthermore, your operators can retrieve comprehensive information for each task and the associated jobs and track actual shopfloor progress with an app-style experience on the fly. Planners then approve these data, which automatically updates the schedule by integrating the current shopfloor data, and which always keeps the schedule current. Say goodbye to long meetings and printed worklists, which are out of date again after a short time.

Digitize your workflow with the just plan it Tablet Client: let planners and operators work hand in hand to get a permanently valid and reliable schedule.


just plan it Tablet Client for operator
just plan it - interface

Interfacing with ERP, Business Intelligence, and more

Just plan it provides a production scheduling API. With this, developers are able to build apps and integrations based on all jpi scheduling data.

This enables you to integrate just plan it with any third party system and realize an interface e.g. to your SQL database-based ERP-System (such as Microsoft Dynamics, Sage, shoptech, iSync, JobBoss and others) or to Business Intelligence Software.

We offer the realization of such unidirectional interfaces at a fixed price as part of the “jpi launch”. For this we provide specially developed standard just plan it applications (“jpi apps”).

Alternatively your own developers can make use of our open just plan it API and realize integrations on your own.

Microsoft Dynamics GP
infor Visual Enterprise SyteLine
SAP Business ByDesign
Global Shop Solutions

How to implement just plan it: The proven formula to production scheduling success


just plan it - proven production scheduling process

Request a custom introduction.

Pricing: One-time payment for launch + annual subscription; no surprises.

Step 2: JPI Launch

Personal customer success manager

Individual coaching and go-live sessions

Initial signing fee

Step 3: Subscription

3 SMB targeted service packages (all packages include all functionality)

Easy cancellation (no cancellation charges)

Unlimited number of viewers & operators

4 new versions per year

Return on Investment: <3 months

Use case with our customers show that just plan it pays off with

- the increase of throughput/shipped jobs per month

- the increase of no. of jobs acquired/accepted per month

- the time relief of decision-makers 


Powerful scheduling software for SMB manufacturers

just plan its mission is to provide powerful scheduling software to the global SME manufacturing industry. It is part of the Netronic Manufacturing solution from Boyum IT Solutions. Boyum IT specializes in empowering SMBs to bring their products to life, creating sustainable and purposeful customer relationships.

Meet the team


Dr. Elmar Karlowitsch


Elmar joined NETRONIC in 2015 to help his brother Martin profitably grow the company.

During his university career, he focused on industrial production & controlling.  After that he spent 15+ years in various large German software and consulting enterprises that all operated in the field of production planning and execution.

At NETRONIC, Elmar drives finance and operations. Further more he is the company's proven scheduling specialist and the executive owner of the just plan it product.

Dave Luckner, sales representative of just plan it for North America

Dave Luckner

North America

Dave joined the just plan it team mid-2020 to run the businesses' operations in North America.

Dave has dedicated his career to assisting manufacturing companies in improving performance through strategic software solutions. He has had direct experience with many of the leading ERP and CAD/CAM providers.

Based in Florida, Dave is responsible for just plan it's North American customer success operations.  As such, he is directly involved in introducing and deploying our software and methodology.

José Cosculluela from Construsoft - just plan it partner for English-speaking contries

José Cosculluela

Operations Spanish-speaking countries

José is managing partner at Gessteel and responsible for the partnership between Gessteel and NETRONIC. Gessteel is a well-known, world-wide operating company, that helps the building industry to enhance through knowledge and digital tools. Since end of 2021 they added just plan it to their portfolio of software solutions.

Three points that make them perfect partner for just plan it: 1. outstanding experience in the production scheduling challenges of make-to-order companies 2. Spanish-speaking 3. local presences in South America and Spain


Jan Viergutz


Jan studied computer science and joined NETRONIC in 2013 as a junior developer.

He contributed to just plan it from day 1, and still knows every single line of code of it. Jan has grown with the software and has managed to develop an understanding not only for how the software is built but also for which value the software creates for our clients. 

At NETRONIC, Jan is solely responsible for the just plan it product. He is leading the development team building just plan it.


Need some more information about automatic finite scheduling? Ask us anything.

Why buy from you? What makes you so special?

We are no start-up playing around with somebody else's money. We are a profitably growing company and build just plan it from our own operating cash flow. As company, we have 40+ years experience in developing visual scheduling products. We are convinced that this depth and breadth of experience is unique.

What happens if I wait?

The phone will ring, and your best customer will request an urgent job. You will have to squeeze it in - without knowing the impact on other jobs. You will start flying blind again, and rather soon your life will be chaotic fire-fighting again. In the midst of all chaos, a machine will break down and things will get worse. This will be (at latest) the next time that you wish you had started working with a professional production scheduling solution already.

What exactly am I signing up for? What are the features and benefits?

First, you will sign up for a JPI launch. This comes with a one-time payment. In the on-boarding phase, you will be coached and trained by a dedicated customer success manager. We will make sure that we understand your specific situation, your shop and your processes and will help you set up just plan it in a way that you get the most of it. The JPI launch also includes that we together establish a few routines that will enable you to successfully use the product on your own.

Second, you will sign up for the subscription. This is a monthly or annual payment. Both the amount and the set of features depend on the package you chose to use. With just plan it, you only pay what you use. We actually use the JPI launch to make sure that you just use and pay those features that you necessarily require for your shop.

Independent of your choice of subscription, you will benefit from experiencing profitable growth thanks to professional production scheduling. You will increase your on-time deliveries, you will cut your lead times, and you will grow your throughput.

Are there any long-term contracts?

This is up to you. We offer annual subscriptions. They make sure that you remain very flexible and that you can cancel at the end of every annual period. However, if you like, you can also sign up for longer subscription periods. Just ask us and benefit from discounted rates.

How do I present this to my team?

You have two options to present this to your team: first, you can show them a video or recorded webinar (you find links to those at the bottom of this page). Second, you can book a meeting with a scheduling specialist and invite your team.

Is just plan it cloud-only?

Yes, just plan it is a cloud-only product. There is no option to install it in your environment. 

We typically update the product every quarter. Having it as cloud-only product helps us to keep all customers current at any time, and also makes sure that you immediately can benefit from our investments.

Who are you guys, anyway?

We are NETRONIC Software from Aachen (Germany). We are a family-owned business and are run by the brothers Dr. Elmar and Dr. Martin Karlowitsch. Our company was founded in the mid 70ies already. Elmar and Martin represent the second generation of the company management, and took over the company via a management buy-out. We have customers on all 5 continents and also employ a very international team,

What results will I actually get from this?

You will win transparency about your jobs and resources. Actionable information will help you to increase your on-time deliveries, to cut-down lead times and to improve your throughput. As a result, you will experience a profitable growth of your shop - without being in a constant chaotic fire-fighting mode.

How much does it cost? Are there any hidden fees?

The one-time fee for the JPI launch is US$ 3,300. After that, the costs per month will be between US$ 325 and US$ 750

There will be no extra fees when you add new operator or viewer users. You can create as many resources and respurce groups as you need. The subscription fee is per plant. 

Of course, there are no hidden fees. To some extent we sell transparency. Hence, we love being transparent as well.

What's included in the JPI launch?

The JPI launch is a collaborative getting started process modeled from customer success experience. Here is what it includes:

  • Personal customer success manager
  • Access to just plan it video academy
  • Individual coaching & go-live web sessions
  • Initial signing fee

We'll actually spend a lot of time with and energy for you. Hence, we are limiting the JPI launch to 10 customers at a time.

What does it integrate with?

just plan it a stand-alone production scheduling application. We have a standard interface to Microsoft Excel so that you can upload your master data as well as your production orders via Excel. We also allow you to export meaningful reports to Excel.

We also have customers who work with various ERP systems such as Microsoft Dynamics, Sage, shoptech, iSync, JobBoss and others. We are capable of integrating just plan it with (almost) every SQL database-based system. Hence, we offer the realization of interfaces to connect your ERP system with just plan it.

How secure are my data?

just plan it is hosted on Microsoft Azure, which has the most comprehensive compliance coverage of any cloud provider. As such, our servers are hosted in data centres with the following attributes (among others):

  • ISO/IEC 27018 Code of Practice for Protecting Personal Data in the Cloud
  • Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) STAR Self-Assessment
  • International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR)
  • Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS) Security Policy
  • HIPAA and the HITECH Act
  • US Internal Revenue Service Publication 1075
  • EU-U.S. Privacy Shield
  • United Kingdom G-Cloud OFFICIAL

Start your growth, and ensure the sustainable success of your high-mix low-volume shop now.

Automatic finite production scheduling stops your tapping in the dark and your chaotic fire-fighting. It secures transparency and gives you control over your job shop.


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