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Visual Scheduling Academy.

We have an online video course for just plan it, which is part of the on-boarding. It consists of more than 60 videos with a total length 10+ hours. Here is a preview. 

60+ videos

10+ hours

8 XLS templates


Chapter 1: Introduction

  1. Welcome to the jpi video academy
  2. How to create your own just plan it account         FREE VIDEO PREVIEW
  3. Explanation of user rights and admin rights

Chapter 2: Initial creation of resources & resource groups

  1. Definitions

  2. Use case I: scheduling machines only

  3. Use case II: Scheduling machines & employees        FREE VIDEO PREVIEW

  4. Upload data from Excel

  5. How to define calendar exceptions

  6. Use case "outsourcing": Infinite resources

  7. Use Case "bundling resources": Capacity level

Plus: 2 XLS templates

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Chapter 3: Creation of current workload (jobs & tasks)

  1. Jobs & tasks (basics)

  2. Job templates: introduction

  3. Job templates: Use case I (machines only)

  4. Job templates: Use case II (machines & employees)        FREE VIDEO PREVIEW

  5. Job templates: Send-ahead quantity

  6. Job Templates: Task Quantity

  7. Job Templates: Task Constraints
  8. Component Templates
  9. General options to create a job

  10. Job Networks
  11. Job list        FREE VIDEO PREVIEW

Plus: 5 XLS templates

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Chapter 4: Scheduling

  1. Automatic scheduling - introduction

  2. Automatic scheduling engine - explained

  3. Automatic scheduling - change sequence number

  4. Automatic scheduling - use case: Urgent job

  5. Automatic scheduling - use case: Calendar exception

  6. Automatic scheduling - use case: Spot bottlenecks

  7. Automatic scheduling - use case: Split task

  8. Scheduling - drag and drop

  9. Scheduling - use case: Outsourcing

  10. Hybrid scheduling

  11. Finalize scheduling of initial workload & set job baselines

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Chapter 5: Execute module

  1. Introduction

  2. Basic principles        FREE VIDEO PREVIEW

  3. User roles

  4. Use Case 1a: Basics        FREE VIDEO PREVIEW

  5. Use Case 1b: From now

  6. Use Case 1c: On hold

  7. Use Case 1d: Shopfloor report

  8. Use Case 1e: Reset planning start

  9. Roudup: Planner fully resumes all steps

  10. The Chief Operator

  11. Operator Client

  12. Use Case 2a: Integrating the chief operator

  13. Use Case 2b: Approval workflow

  14. Use Case 2c: Filter capabilities of operator client

  15. Operators

  16. Use Case 3a: Operators, Chief Operator & Planer

  17. Use Case 3b: Operators, Chief Operator & Planer

  18. Overall roundup

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Chapter 6: Scheduling routines

  1. Introduction

  2. Settings dialog

  3. Custom fields

  4. Color schemes
  5. Dialogues & Icons explained
  6. How to upload new jobs and set baseline
  7. How to bulk delete finished jobs
  8. How to insert resource downtimes & extra shifts

Plus: 1 XLS template

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Chapter 7: Report module

  1. Introduction

  2. Different reports explained

  3. Use Case: deviation analysis of baseline data vs. as is data

Plus: 1 XLS template

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