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Ciovita achieves 25% increase in on-time orders

Executive summary

Ciovita is a premium apparel manufacturer from South Africa. The company has been using an ERP system, but worked with Microsoft Excel for scheduling purposes. This approach did no longer scale, and Ciovita decided for just plan it.

Results are:

  • 25% increase in on-time deliveries
  • Efficiency gains through better transparency

The production scheduling challenge

Ciovita has been successfully using the apparel-specific ERP system iSync for all financial and administrative processes. However, production scheduling always happened outside the ERP system. For that purpose, Ciovita built a homegrown system with Microsoft Excel relying on a lot of exports and re-imports.

Andrew Gold, CEO of Ciovita concludes:

“This worked for a while, but did not scale with the company’s growth. It was not visual and most importantly, it was not dynamic. In addition to this, a spreadsheet program like Excel misses any drag & drop functionality.”

About Ciovita

Ciovita was founded, and is run, by like-minded individuals with a wealth of experience in the sportswear, and fashion industries.

We are a premium manufacturer of cycling apparel for both the mountain and the road. We product booth core range for our own retail as well as custom product for teams and events.

The name, Ciovita, is a combination of Italian and Latin words meaning “Life in Motion” and this philosophy underpins our approach to an industry that is always pushing itself to go further and faster.


About job shop scheduling

Have look at our ultimate guide to visual job shop scheduling if you want to take a deep dive into this topic.

Production scheduling requirements

Consequently, Ciovita started to search for a production scheduling software that was visual, and easy-to-understand on the one hand. On the other hand, the velocity of their business also required a relevant degree of scheduling automatism.

Andrew remembers:

I looked for a solution that seems simple to use. I required a simple interface with a Gantt chart feel, but importantly also drag and drop ability to move dates and determine optimal capacity.

Learning and using just plan it

Initially, the Ciovita team started to work with just plan it by exporting data from the iSync ERP system, and then importing it to just plan it via the standard Excel interface. This made them familiar with the software. Based on the experience gained, both Ciovita, iSync and the just plan it team were able to precisely define a bi-directional interface between iSync and just plan it. This getting started process went rather seamless as Andrew Gold states:

The learning curve was reasonably quick.

Today, Ciovita makes daily use of just plan it. The production schedule software has become the cornerstone of managing the daily production operations. In that regard, just plan it contributes both with its scheduling capabilities and with its operator app that allows to collect feedback from the shop floor. Andrew Gold:

We use just plan it daily by a production planer, but hourly by the shop floor.”


With the transparency provided just plan it, Ciovita managed to get a better alignment towards production goals. In addition to this, just plan it enables faster and better scheduling decisions resulting in increased on-time deliveries. Andrew Gold summarizes:

just plan it helped us most in making sure we deliver on time. We have seen a 25% increase in on-time orders. Most important is: Each department can see the impact their efforts have to keep a job on track.