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30-40% productivity increase in 1st week; ROI within 1-2 months


Executive summary

Paneltech are a group of people with a shared common purpose, one of diligence, professionalism and integrity. Each of their jobs is bespoke and they have been growing 5x in the past 5 years.

The family-owned company has tried different resource scheduling solutions – from simple spreadsheets to expensive planning software. Each approach failed, and hence they turned to just plan it.

Results are:

  • 30-40% productivity increase
  • No more overtime in 1st month
  • ROI within 1-2 months
  • Firm delivery time commitments

The production scheduling challenge

Before using just plan it, Paneltech tried various systems. They ranged from simple spreadsheets to very expensive advanced scheduling software. However, they were not made for make-to-order manufacturers and hence

“always had a point of failure”

as Ross Larner, Operations Director and Co-Owner, remembers.

The challenge was that people did not trust the system and hence did not follow a plan. Constant fire-fighting was the norm and Paneltech needed to set a plan in place that would be stable, that they could trust and that would stop the lack of productivity.

Ross Larner:

“The even bigger, wider issue was that we couldn’t give the customer a firm date on when a job would be done. Or, even worse, whether it wouldn’t be done on time at all.”

About Paneltech Industries

Paneltech is a designer, manufacturer and installer of bespoke joinery, cabinetry and solid surface products.

For over 30 years we have diligently serviced our customers' needs, consistently delivering against project requirements. From design, manufacture, and project management to delivery and fitting, we understand that different customers and projects require different levels of service.

We offer industry leading warranties on all of our products, as well as an industry unique after care service. This is what stands us apart.


About job shop scheduling

Have look at our ultimate guide to visual job shop scheduling if you want to take a deep dive into this topic.

Production scheduling requirements

Paneltech wanted to set in place a plan

  • That they knew would be stable just for a day
  • That they could trust
  • That would stop the lack of productivity
  • That would stop the frequent interruptions for the Operations Director and owner of he company

Learning and using just plan it

Paneltech signed up for the on-boarding and learned the software with a proven methodology. They had five meetings with a scheduling specialist, followed by some targeted homework assignments. Ross summarizes:

This is the right way to learn the software bit by bit. Then you are in the last session, and have everything in place to run your shop better.

Today, Paneltech uses the software on a daily basis. Operators get their work lists from just plan it, and use the Execute Mode to provide feedback directly from the shop floor. The planner reviews these information and updates the schedule regularly. That way, Paneltech runs on an always current schedule.

In the first month of working with just plan it, Paneltech could run the shop without any overtime.

But nevertheless we delivered all jobs in time. This alone saved us 5,000 Pounds on our payroll,

as Ross remembers.

With just plan it Paneltech has transparency on what is happening on the shop-floor, and is able to make firm delivery time commitments. As everybody works with the same actionable schedule, the amount of fire-fighting and interruptions has significantly decreased.

Ross summarizes:

We had a 30 to 40% increase in productivity in week one. The return on investment was within 1 or 2 months.

As everybody trusts the software, I get less interruptions. This is actually giving me more time to focus on other things to take my business forward to the next level.

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