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On-time deliveries up 37% - driven by firmer handle on shop-floor work load

Executive summary

Loynds designs, manufactures and upgrades candy and chocolate machinery to customer’s exact requirements. The family-owned company has a long-term history and used to plan on spreadsheets and paper lists.

They were lacking a clear view on shop-floor capacity, and had a hard time manually updating the schedule to keep track of everything. Hence they decided for just plan it. Results are:

  • On-time deliveries up 37%
  • Firmer handle on shop-floor work load
  • Realistic view of capacities

The production scheduling challenge

Before using just plan it, Loynds relied on spreadsheets, paper lists and

“lots of head scratching in order to calculate delivery times and ensure our engineering team had up-to-date work lists”

as Richard Loynds, Managing Director at Loynds, remembers.

The challenge was the missing transparency on what was actually happening on the shop-floor combined with rapidly changing processes:

“Our biggest issue was always having a clear view of our shop-floor capacity and keeping on top of this as things would change so quickly.”


About Loynds Intl. Ltd.

Loynds supplies machinery for the confectionery industry, specializing in chocolate and candy manufacturing.

We build our own equipment as well as modify, upgrade and repair a range of equipment coming from other suppliers.

Our customer base is predominantly small to medium size confectionery makers. Our machinery is now reliably operating in over 100 countries worldwide.

We are a family company and have been in operation for nearly 30 years.

Production scheduling requirements

Hence Loynds required a production scheduling software that on the one hand would come with a clear and easy-to-understand visualization. In addition to this they needed a system that allowed to keep track of any progress on the shop-floor.

Richard Loynds:

The most important features for me were the ability for engineers to log on and off tasks and update the schedule in real time.

Learning and using just plan it

Loynds began the just plan it experience with a “dual working mode”. They used the software to schedule the production plan, but also worked with the Reports module to generate and print work sheets. For Loynds it was important to get everybody aligned with JPI, as Richard recalls:

The biggest obstacle was getting all users adopt the operator mode and to log individual tasks. It has taken around 3 months to properly embed this into our culture. The result is a much leaner process.”

Building encompassing scheduling routines was crucial for Loynds to unleash the scheduling and execution value from the just plan it software. Today, a reliable execution is driven based on this process.

“We rely mostly on the operator mode so engineers can see their work lists and the view of production: Job View for calculating lead times and Resource View for distributing an even workload. We have nine engineers using the operator mode hourly, and our production manager who keeps all work lists up to date daily.”

With just plan it Loynds gets a clear picture of the shop-floor execution and can manage the production schedule in almost real time. This helps them to better utilize their resources and hence to achieve a higher throughput without adding capacity. Richard summarizes:

Now we have a firmer handle on the load of work on our shop-floor. Our on-time deliveries have improved by 37%, and our window into our capacity is realistic for the first time ever.