Why just plan it exhibits at FABTECH Chicago

    August 21, 2023

    just plan it is a production scheduling software for companies who have to deal with special challenges in the manufacturing process - they produce very individual products in small quantities, so-called high-mix low-volume manufacturers. This method of production is very common among many manufacturers in the field of metal processing. As FABTECH is North America's largest metal forming, fabrication, welding, and finishing event, it's the place to be for us to connect with exhibitors and visitors from the industry. And while we're at it, we're also bringing a special promo action.

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    Every visitor who comes to our booth A6569 can participate in a Discovery Session, where our scheduling specialists will check if just plan it and its automatic finite scheduling method is applicable to the respective business case. In addition, each participant of a Discovery Session who subsequently decides to purchase the software will receive a 23% discount on a just plan it launch. A jpi launch is our miracle cure for a fast, uncomplicated introduction and go-live of the software. One of our scheduling experts will personally coach you through the launch process, ensuring that the implementation of the software is successful. This way, our customers can go live with just plan it in as little as 10-20 days.

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    And one more thing: The author of the famous standard work "Automatic Finite Scheduling - A practical guide to master production scheduling if you are a high-mix low-volume manufacturer", will be at the booth. Elmar Karlowitsch, COO and Co-Owner of NETRONIC, the parent company of just plan it, is coming from Germany to FABTECH in Chicago and looks forward to talking with you about why automatic finite scheduling is the best way to enhance production and increase efficiency, leading to sustainable growth in a make-to-order job shop.

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    Elmar: "North America is one of our core markets. Here, there are traditionally many small companies, often still family-owned, that manufacture very customer-specific products. They are precisely our target group because our just plan it software simplifies and structures scheduling in their very dynamic production process. I am sure that many of these businesses will be present at FABTECH, both as visitors and exhibitors and that is why we are exhibiting in Chicago for the first time this year."


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