Videos are the books of today- new videos in Visual Scheduling Academy

    March 3, 2022

    Our goal is to make it as easy as possible to get started with our production scheduling software just plan it. Because we know that planners in job shops or make-to-order companies do not have the time to familiarize themselves with new software. That's why all new customers of just plan it receive personal onboarding training. In addition to the training, we refrain from long documentation but summarize all features in short videos. Now new videos have been added, which I would like to present here briefly.

    Visual Scheduling Academy

    All videos can be found in our Academy, to which you have unlimited access as a customer. We have prepared the entire functionality of just plan it in more than 80 videos based on use cases and summarized them by topic.

    academy new videos

    New videos for new features

    We are constantly developing just plan it and with the new functions, new videos became necessary which are now available in the Academy. A total of 9 videos have been added in the following topics:

    3. Creation of current workload (jobs & tasks)
    - Resource Usage Level

    5. Execute module
    - Additional Option: Automatic Approval

    6. Scheduling routines
    - Dialogues and icons explained
    - Symbols explained
    - How to navigate
    - Viewers and External Viewers
    - KPI to understand impact of interaction
    - Auto release dates

    7. Report module
    - Printing/Exporting to pdf

    Further sources of information about new features

    Each release of our software is accompanied by a webinar where we present the new features live. We record each webinar - you will find the collection of recorded webinars here.

    We also publish a blog post for each release. This list of product news and updates you can find here.

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