Boosting your production scheduling performance (Part 1)

    Jan Viergutz
    March 1, 2022

    As promised in our last webinar, we are committing this and the upcoming jpi sprint to enhance the performance and stability of just plan it to benefit all our users. We are fully convinced that both performance and stability are core factors of your scheduling experience. That´s why we invest so much time in it. In this regard, this blog post informs you on the one hand about what we have achieved and released with the current sprint so far and on the other hand, shows you what will come with the next release - at the end.

    The changes coming with this release

    With this release, we continued the path prepared by our last release. Using the categorization of interactions we were able to not only boost the performance for non-scheduling relevant changes, but we have also prepared the basis for larger-scale improvements, based on the learnings we had working on the categorization. Now, what are non-scheduling relevant changes?

      • As you might have guessed, these are changes that do not require an automatic rescheduling process of your entire data set. So changes we are mainly looking at are
        • job and task text fields like custom fields, names, notes, etc.,
        • but non-scheduling changes also include the operator's contribution of setting shopfloor feedback, as this feedback only becomes scheduling relevant on approval.

      • Before the previous update undertaking, one of the interactions mentioned caused unnecessary scheduling runs to take place and necessitated the entire graphic to be updated. The last release fixed the serverside part, meaning we skipped the scheduling run, but the front end still redrew everything on screen. This has now been changed and only the necessary parts of the graphic are redrawn, already giving way for significant performance boosts for those types of changes. Try it out!

      • We also changed the data handling on our backend servers to increase stability and remove possible vulnerabilities. To achieve this we rethought and reworked how our backend communicates with the clients, allowing us to handle more and larger data sets without endangering system integrity. This way we are even better prepared to reliably support your growth.

    Watch recorded webinar from March 16, 2022, presenting the enhancements of just plan it.

    The mindset

    The project we are currently undertaking allows us to really think about how just plan it grew over the last couple of years and find and eliminate a lot of growing pains. We are very proud of what just plan it achieved and excited to be able to make it work better and faster for you. This of course also means that we need to get out of our comfort zones of working systems and rethink what we have built, but this process is genuinely refreshing and invigorating for us, as we look and find untabbed potential and better ways of handling things, while also gaining an even deeper connection and understanding for how just plan it is used.
    Looking at all the different types of plans being used, talking to our users on all continents, we gain more and more experience and broaden our horizons, allowing us to help all of you get better plans faster.

    The upcoming changes

    But, as I mentioned before, while this update provides just a first step of enhancement, it lays the groundwork for our next release. We are already well underway building on this foundation and are excited for what we are currently seeing. I can not predict dedicated numbers upfront but from our early tests, we expect significant performance boosts that I am looking forward to presenting to you in detail with our next release that we plan to publish on April 4th, 2022.

    That’s it for today. This release is important for us, as it really helped us see new possibilities and showed us new paths forward to improve just plan it, to help you improve your planning.

    As always we are happy and eager to receive any feedback from you guys and to answer any questions you may have.

    Until then,

    Happy Scheduling!

    Further information

    We continuously enhance our software. Want to learn more about our releases? Check this website listing product news and updates.

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