Product Update: just plan it Production Excellence Dashboard - Version 4.0

    Elmar Karlowitsch
    April 25, 2023

    Nowadays, a management cockpit is a kind of standard equipment for the majority of companies, regardless of size and industry. And this is for a reason, as it offers a very clear insight into the company's performance from a top-level perspective.

    Also for owners and managers of high-mix low-volume manufacturers, a dashboard provides very profitable benefits. It is therefore all the more astonishing that only comparatively few of these job shops have such a useful tool in place. The main reason is that many of these small businesses do not have the internal capacity and skill to implement business intelligence software properly. They also shy away from the expense of hiring external companies, since the one-off expenditures are high and the ongoing costs are rarely transparent in advance.  

    We would like to abolish this circumstance and present the new just plan it (in short: jpi)Production Excellence Dashboard – Version 4.0” with the following core advantages:

    1. It is transparent. It provides KPIs specially selected for HMLV manufacturers
    2. It is easy to install. We provide all instructions to connect the jpi Dashboard with your jpi account. No development skill is needed!
    3. It is affordable. You only need a Microsoft Power BI license and a jpi Dashboard subscription. No installation fee upfront is needed!

    The new jpi Dashboard provides various KPIs and diagrams – specially designed for high-mix low-volume manufacturers – that provide a clear view of the performance of your shop from a top view at a glance. In this regard, we focus on aggregated figures to monitor

    • Throughput (in terms of jobs and sales)
    • On-time delivery (OTD)
    • Work in progress (WIP)
    • Resource Utilization

    Dashboard with main KPIs for high-mix low-volume manufactures

    From the top view, the dashboard enables you to drill down into lower levels and dive into the details of the selected figures if needed. Of course, this also includes historical data. So, your planner can keep the planning board clean with data from the past and focus on scheduling the future. All historical data will be provided in the dashboard. Furthermore, the jpi Dashboard provides helpful diagrams that focus on the projection of scheduled jobs in the future.Dashboard for job shops with important diagrams to control manufacturing in high-mix low-volume production

    Jobs are displayed based on the current buffer level. The buffer level is a risk indicator that expresses how high the risk is that a job will be late during its remaining runtime. To see the just plan it Production Excellence Dashboard in action just have a look into our recorded webinar here:

    Recorded webinar - jpi release April 2023 - Excellence Dashboard

    The jpi Dashboard can be added to your jpi subscription at any time. For installation, we will provide a Power BI file (“jpi Production Excellence Dashboard – V4.0.0”) to you as well as an easy-to-understand manual (“How to install jpi Dashboard V4.0”) that illustrates the installation process step-by-step. You won´t need special knowledge to get your management cockpit going. Once your dashboard is integrated with your jpi account we will provide ongoing

    • data storage
    • user support
    • maintenance of product
    • free new versions of updated product.

    Are you interested in adding the jpi Dashboard to your subscription and benefiting from all the advantages our package is offering? Then don´t hesitate to get in touch with us.  

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