Fueling growth by establishing just plan it operations in North America

    Martin Karlowitsch
    August 3, 2020

    COVID-19 has hit the world and the global economy unexpected, and hard. Yet, it has also made very clear the crucial role of digitization. This is to an extent, which might even be surprising to most tech companies. De facto, digitization has become an almost mandatory need to cope with hard times and to prosper again when the economy is set to recover. Digitization enables companies to operate and grow in unpredictable environments. It lets them achieve more, and makes them agile in an operational manner. This - operational agility - is what we strive for with our just plan it software and method. Hence, we decided to not paddle back due to the crisis instead. We decided to step up and speed up in the crisis. I am thrilled to announce that we bring Production Priorities Ltd as exclusive North American reseller. As such, Dave Luckner will run our entire North American operations for JPI.

    Dave LucknerDave has dedicated his career to the manufacturing industry and is passionate about lean and TOC principles. He has helped many North American small and mid-sized manufacturers to improve performance by deploying software solutions. As such, Dave has a wealth of experience with leading manufacturing ERP as well as CAD/CAM solutions.

    Based in Florida, Dave will manage all JPI operations in North America. On the one hand, this role includes selling just plan it to North American manufacturers. On the other hand, Dave also acts as a customer success manager to enable our clients to embrace both the JPI software and the scheduling methodology.

    Dave will work hand in hand with the JPI development and management team in Germany. That way, we will get much faster access to, and understanding of the North American customers' needs. This enables us to better shape both software and processes.

    My brother Elmar, who runs our entire just plan it business comments: "Getting Dave on board is a major milestone for us. I am confident that acting, driving, and investing is the appropriate thing to do in times of a global crisis. My expectation is that Dave will help us to fuel our growth in North America, and potentially becomes a role model for other geographies. It is for sure that our current and future American customers will massively benefit from us having a locally based operations team."

    And by the way: if you are unsure what just plan it can do for you. I recently wrote an ebook titled "3 steps how production scheduling improves your on-time deliveries by +30% without constant fire-fighting". It is free and you can download it here:

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