What's next: announcing referred constraints for production scheduling

    Elmar Karlowitsch
    July 24, 2020

    We just successfully completed our last development sprint and released the new version of our production scheduling software just plan it including the functionality to schedule components and sub-assemblies. Have a look at the release blog or the recorded webinar to learn more about this. 

    With having shipped this functionality, it is about time to look ahead what is coming next and when.

    “Referred Constraints”

    Within our next development sprint, we want to make the first step to open a new major topic for our production scheduling software. This topic has the working title “referred constraints”. This term summarizes the functionality to refer to calculated scheduling results within one run of the automatic scheduling engine in terms of scheduled times and scheduled resources.

    Referred time constraints

    The most common example of a referred time constraint is to set the scheduled end date of a job as earliest possible starting date for another job. Hence this referred time constraint could also be called “linking jobs” and enables you to create cross job-structures.

    2020-07-22 blog jpi Graph

    Referred resource constraints

    The most common example of a referred resource constraint is to set the scheduled resource of one task as resource constraint for one or several tasks that are subsequent in the routing of the same job. This is very helpful if your business always foresees a “job manager/owner” and you want to ensure that this/the same person is always doing essential operations within that production order.

    The current sprint is focusing on what I described first (“referred time constraints”) as well as on some fine tuning of the component functionality. As release date to publish the new functionality we determined August 10th.

    I am looking forward to seeing you in the according product update webinar mid of august.

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