Top 9 tips for SMBs: job shop scheduling software buying guide

    Clara Cabrera
    June 5, 2018


    In this blog post, I address the arduous task of going through the different options SMB owners find themselves when considering to purchase a scheduling software for their job shop. It’s not only important that the software is the right fit but that you also feel confident and informed during all the stages of your decision process. In order to help you through this search and evaluation "jungle", I have written an eBook with a lot of tips and tricks that will make your buying journey easier.

    In essence: why job shop scheduling software

    There are many reasons to take your planning data and job shop management to the next level. What does that mean in a highly technological environment like yours? We are not talking about how you produce but the way you run your business. Running a successful shopfloor also has to do with what scheduling tools you use . It seems odd that while your shopfloor is running with the latest machinery you keep your data and scheduling on Excel sheets and white boards. To be fully integrated in an up-to-date scenario you should be asking yourself how could you make the managing and scheduling process as advanced as possible using the latest tech. I am not just making the point of suggesting job shop scheduling software because it’s “cool” or because it’s the latest trend in tech and you should fall in line too, but because of the numerous advantages that come with it.

    Not just scheduling, but visual scheduling

    If this is the first time you hear about job shop scheduling software, welcome to this way of scheduling your orders. If it’s not, I am about to throw in a new concept for you. This is: visual job shop scheduling. And why is that? Because making your schedule visual (and giving you the option to also visually change it) provides the faster understanding you need to make accurate decisions when time is at stake. You should be able to understand at a glance what is currently running on your job floor without having to go there yourself.

    How to find the right scheduling software for you

    The latest visual job shop schedulers allow you to easily see and help meet delivery times, eliminate bottlenecks and adjust to variables such as moved deadlines, changes in orders or machine lab our breakdowns. However, I fully understand your concerns.

    Before you make time and money investments to look into a scheduler for your floor, I am sure there are many questions you would like to ask. There are also different companies developing different scheduling software. Finding the right software for your business suddenly looks like an ordeal. You are starting to sweat. You are now looking at your own schedule trying to figure out if you have some time to start investigating on the different options. But in our aim to make things efficient I wrote an eBook that will ease your troubles. Here are nine tips that visual scheduling software experts recommend you take into consideration before you make your final decision. How do you know if a particular software is right for you? Is it easy to use, does it come with a free trail? How powerful is the scheduler, does it come with different scheduling strategies? All those very important inquiries and how to make the right questions are addressed in our latest eBook.

    You can download it for free!

    Free Ebook - buying guide for job shop scheduling software


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