Top 10 things customers like about just plan it

    Clara Cabrera
    November 24, 2017

    just plan it is an easy time and resource scheduling software for job shops and small make-to-order manufacturers. With some success stories behind it, could there be a better way to talk about the software than with the users themselves? Here are the top 10 things our customers like the most from their experience working with our job shop scheduling software. As we love visuals, we made this post up as an infograph.

    Top10 things customers like from jpi-VERTICAL

    If you want to read the reviews in more detail, have a look at Capterra

    If you are a just plan it user, feel free to leave a comment too so we can also feature your opinion.

    If you are still thinking wether or not to start using just plan it, click on the link and read how the job shop scheduling software helped to add value to the other job shops and make-to-order companies.

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