The first update of 2020: Seconds (product update)

    Jan Viergutz
    January 20, 2020

    Today's update marks the first one of 2020 and we start the year with a small update to warm up for the rest of it. I’m exited thinking about the changes we plan for this year, which will include things that may be more in the background but will help stabilize just plan it and make sure your scheduling experience is smooth to major features that will really enhance the software even further.

    But for now let’s take a second (pun very much intended ;-) to take a closer look at what today brings:

    New Planning Unit: Seconds

    We get a lot of different data models and planning information from our customers and over the last year, we saw a lot of people working with very small Production Times per Unit. Entering this into just plan it was a pain, as time is not nicely written up as in decimals and therefore required you to fiddle around with numbers to reflect your realities.

    To alleviate this we added a new Planning Unit in addition to minutes and hours already in the system: seconds.

    Now you can simply enter your small duration times in the correct time unit and not worry about calculating the decimal value in minutes. Of course this new unit is also available for the delay and report units. To change these simply open the Settings Dialog and change the fields you want to:

    machine shop scheduling software just plan it - image1


    Making the task status easily visible

    The task status has always been reflected in the coloration of the bar. But what if the bar is far outside your current viewpoint in the Gantt chart? In the Job View we reflected the status in the background color of the task number. And now we thought: Why are we limiting this to the Job View? So as of now you can also see the task status in both the Resource Group and the Resource View when drilling down into the task lists for the resources.

    machine shop scheduling software just plan it - image2

    In addition to those updates we also did some bug fixing and prepared the groundwork for the next steps. I hope you had a good start into the new year and are as excited as I am for the updates and changes coming in the next months.

    You aren't a just plan it user so far? Why spending more time on maintaining an inappropriate self-made stopgap solution? Why waste more money due to a lack of shopfloor transparency?

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