just plan it is now part of Boyum IT

    April 23, 2024
    We are excited to announce a significant development in the world of production scheduling software: Boyum IT Solutions has acquired NETRONIC Software GmbH, the company behind the renowned scheduling solution, just plan it. This acquisition marks a new chapter in the journey of just plan it, bringing forth a wealth of opportunities for innovation and growth.

    NETRONIC Software GmbH has been a trusted partner in the production scheduling landscape, and its merger with Boyum IT Solutions opens up exciting possibilities for just plan it users and customers. Despite the change in ownership, the NETRONIC team remains intact within the Boyum IT family, ensuring continuity and stability in the development, sales, marketing, and management of just plan it. 

    To our valued customers and prospects, we want to reassure you that this acquisition will not disrupt your experience with just plan it. On the contrary, it promises to bring substantial benefits. Boyum IT's global presence and organizational strength will provide additional resources and expertise to enhance the development and customer support services of just plan it, ensuring its continued evolution and success. Of course, the rhythm of quarterly releasing new versions with new (feedback-based) functionality will continue.

    Boyum IT Solutions is a global software solutions provider empowering SMEs to bring their products to life. With the NETRONIC acquisition, Boyum IT expands its cloud manufacturing offering, reinforcing its commitment to supporting SME manufacturers in their journey towards operational excellence.

    One of the exciting prospects of this acquisition is the integration of just plan it into Boyum IT's strong SAP Business One channel. This will enable SMB manufacturers with high-mix, low-volume production to leverage a powerful, cloud-based production scheduling solution tailored to their needs.

    NETRONIC Software with all its product lines is now added as Netronic Manufacturing solution to Boyum IT's portfolio. 

    In conclusion, the acquisition of NETRONIC by Boyum IT Solutions heralds a new era of possibilities for just plan it. We are committed to delivering even greater value to our customers and partners, and we look forward to the exciting journey ahead.

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