Boost Production Efficiency with Agile Job Shop Scheduling

    April 16, 2024

    In job shop scheduling, where every order presents a unique set of considerations, agility is the linchpin for maintaining a competitive edge. Consider a scheduling system that not only efficiently handles diverse tasks but also addresses the dynamic nature of customer demands. This is more than just about improving throughput or ensuring on-time delivery; it's about creating a methodical approach to production that brings adaptability. Here are some key features and characteristics that you need to make your job shop scheduling agile.


    Provide a comprehensive snapshot of job shop data, including jobs, tasks, and resources, in a visually engaging Gantt chart view that allows for easy navigation and detailed insights at a glance. Dive deep into the specifics of any data directly from the overview, enhancing the overall visibility and understanding of the scheduling process.

    Close Monitoring:

    Incorporate a feedback system to ensure that data from the shop floor is fed directly back into the schedule and keeps the schedule up to date. This provides planners with a clear and comprehensive overview of the progress, empowering them to swiftly and effectively make informed decisions.

    Dynamic Rescheduling:

    Integrate a system that automatically tweaks schedules in response to shifting job priorities, due dates, or resource availability. Prioritizing jobs based on customer urgency and resource constraints becomes a breeze, ensuring optimal efficiency.

    Flexible Workflows:

    Craft workflows that are easily modifiable to accommodate changes in production requirements. Allow tasks to run in parallel, maximizing resource utilization and providing the flexibility needed in a dynamic environment.

    Ongoing improvement:

    Analyze historical data to pinpoint areas of improvement within the production process, allowing for the development of effective strategies. Set up Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) as guiding metrics to track crucial aspects such as timely delivery and productivity, all conveniently accessible through a user-friendly dashboard interface.

    Capacity Planning:

    Conduct ongoing capacity planning to ensure optimal resource utilization. Identify and address potential capacity constraints proactively to prevent disruptions to the production flow.

    Responsive to Rush Orders:

    Prioritize rush orders effortlessly by dynamically adjusting schedules to meet urgent customer demands. Streamline order entry and processing mechanisms to ensure quick turnaround times.

    Automated Communication:

    Implement automated alerts and notifications to keep stakeholders informed of any changes to the schedule. Utilize messaging systems for swift communication among team members, promoting a cohesive workflow.

    Hybrid Scheduling:

    Provide the option for manual intervention when necessary, offering flexibility and control of the schedule, that is automatically calculated. 

    Integration with ERP Systems:

    Integrate seamlessly with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems to synchronize information across the organization. Ensure a cohesive communication channel between the scheduling system and other critical business processes.

    Agile job shop scheduling with just plan it

    The innovative production scheduling software, just plan it, has been developed with valuable insights from numerous job shop managers. Tailored to meet the unique, agile scheduling needs of this specific manufacturing environment, just plan it leverages Automatic Finite Scheduling (AFS) to effectively navigate the complexities of production planning, control, and execution processes. Our mission is to empower job shop managers to enhance profitability and foster business growth through innovative scheduling strategies.

    Are you a job shop manager or planner with high-mixed low-volume production and want to boost efficiency in productivity and on-time delivery?  Arrange a brief meeting with one of our scheduling experts and find out within 30 minutes how just plan it can help you achieve your goals. 👇

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