Introducing automatic payments for our production scheduling software

    Martin Karlowitsch
    April 2, 2019

    The year 2018 had been fantastic for our just plan it production scheduling software. We again more than doubled our number of customers paying for just plan it. In our assessment, by this we definitively reached the milestone that software companies call "confirmed product/market fit". This typically is a milestone at which you start thinking about growth and scale. Well, among others "scale" then translates into "more automation". In that regard, we already made a lot of hidden changes to the just plan it architecture in 2018 to allow a more seamless and continuous deployment of product enhancements and bug fixes into the live system. However, what we still kept manual (before getting product/market fit confirmed) was billing and payments. Time to change this.

    just plan it - icon manage payment detailsWith the current architectural change to a more modular just plan it experience, we also decided to build the infrastructure for an automated billing and payment process, which now applies to all customers (already existing and new ones). You can access the billing and payment functionality via "Settings" (note: will get changed to "Account" soon) by clicking the icon indicated on the left hand side.

    Here is the impact of this new billing and payment infrastructure.

    Current customers: update your credit card details

    We offer a lifelong price guarantee. Hence, the amount that current customers pay us remains the same. However, going forward you need to pay via credit card. We already prepared the next invoice for you - independent if you are on a monthly or an annual payment term. However, you need to add credit card details to your just plan it account to guarantee a seamless user experience. Here is a video that shows you how to do this.

    By the way: your credit data is secured following the highest security standards as we use a service that is PCI Level 1 certified.

    Everybody: customize your scheduling experience

    After clicking the icon shown above, you can switch between the billing overview (in which you can add your credit card details) and the base plan & module configuration. The latter one brings you to a page that looks as follows:

    just plan it - module configuration

    From here, you can 

    • Start testing the STARTER plan
    • Start testing any of the MODULES
    • Change your subscription period (monthly, yearly)
    • Add any new functionality to your shopping ... and then pay via the registered credit card

    Here is a video that shows you how achieve the above.

    We are confident that the automation of billings and payments will further streamline our collaboration. In addition to this, it will free up some resources on our end that we now can use to further develop and enhance our production scheduling software.

    And by the way, if you are neither a just plan it customer nor using the FREE plan, time to get started now!

    Create your free account now.


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