EUR - Annual Payment - 1
EUR - Monthly Payment - 1
DOLLARS - Annual Payment - 1
DOLLARS - Monthly Payment - 1-1

Here is what the On-boarding services brings:

  • Individually guided & customized starting phase
  • 5 Sessions with a dedicated scheduling coach
  • Productive setup of account: master data as well as functionality & modules
  • Ongoing helpful trips and tricks (web sessions & in-app chat box)
  • Consulting & support in establishing scheduling routines
  • Limited to 10 On-boarding customers at a time



The On-boarding service is mandatory for all just plan it customers. It costs EUR/US$ 1,700.00 (fix price).

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A Unique Promise: Lifelong Price Guarantee

We honor customers, and we honor customers who are willing to move fast. Hence, we offer a lifelong price guarantee.

This means: If you purchase a product plan at a time t, the monthly fee that you have to pay for that plan will never change. This is even true, if this plan over time gets new functionalities and if the plan's price increases for new customers. The monthly fee only increases if you switch to another plan or order additional product options.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a plant?

A plant is a set of production resources that can be controlled and scheduled as a unit. Typically a plant corresponds to a physical factory, respectively a manufacturing location. Additional plants are priced at a 50% discount.

What is a task?

A task is a single operation which gets scheduled. A production order (job) can consist of multiple tasks. Active tasks are all tasks shown in just plan it as a bar. As user of just plan it, you can add, delete or change tasks at any time.

What is a user?

A user is any person who uses the software. In our pricing plan, we do not differentiate the number of users working with the software. Means: you can have as many of your people using the software as you like. However, we differentiate between the planner and the viewer user.

Difference between planner and viewer?

A planner is entitled to make changes to the schedule, and to take action in case of conflicts. With changing the schedule, the planner has the right to change the underlying database. The viewer enjoys the exact same functionality of the software - with one exception: he cannot make changes to the schedule.

What is included in the price?

The price includes the usage of the software, enhancements of the software (if within the ordered package) and support via email.

How can I unlock and test modules?

When you are on a STARTER plan, you can unlock modules under settings.


Easy production scheduling for job shops and machine shops.

Easy-to-understand, fast-to-learn, no implementation hassle.

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