5 methods that innovative companies use production scheduling software

    Martin Karlowitsch
    September 16, 2019

    Production scheduling software is an advanced planning and scheduling approach that allows producers and manufacturers to effectively manage operations while improving the overall customer experience. Manufacturing scheduling or production planning software especially helps small make-to-order manufacturers such as job shops or machine shops to achieve their next level of company development.

    Such software offers flexibility with powerful features that allows real-time scheduling throughout the manufacturing and supply chain. If you are wondering why your company needs one, we have valuable insights for you. Businesses use production scheduling techniques and related tools to organize multiple varieties of horizons. 

    Some top production scheduling software benefits include improved on-time deliveries, increased throughput, and better resource utilization. The software offers numerous techniques and tools to help executives and managers. With that, we have listed down the top 5 methods that innovative companies apply when using production scheduling software.

    #1 A good central interface

    premium2019One of the top methods to operate a production scheduling software is through a good central interface. just plan it offers a visual interface that combines both a production order Gantt chart with a resource Gantt chart. The interface is quite easy to use. After learning a few basics, you can effectively operate the system and schedule your production.

    Due to this interface, just plan it recently had been awarded with the "Premium Usability Award" by the independent software review company Finances Online.

    Using a tool with intuitive interface allows users to earn information and data they require to productively manage their shop. This is especially true when the tool supports the user in building (daily) scheduling routines. This also helps to eliminate and reduce waste in business processes. Production scheduling is the driving force of the business. It helps you quickly react to unplanned incidents and yields operational agility. With production scheduling software, you have a database with all the information needed to make informed decisions about production and shopfloor execution. 


    #2 Timeline management and tools

    Alongside with using production scheduling tools, sometimes the need to use employee time-tracking and/or team management arises. Once you are used to a good central interface, other tools can come into play. Multiple tools for time tracking and team management show product life cycle and step-by-step techniques with a timeline. Production scheduling is not basic science, nor a one-day task as it requires detailed and careful planning. 

    Project managers and executives can surely take a sigh of relief by having scheduling and production timeline tools on their hands. The software also offers step by step process, visual representation as well as timeline information through visual charts and graphs.


    #3 KPI-based tools

    KPI stands for key performance indicators. It's one of the top functions to complement an exceptional production scheduling software. For instance, a company can easily check the amount of percentage of deliveries done at a time, how much inventory is available, how effective the strategies are, or how much payment has been recovered. 

    In other words, KPIs in business intelligence serves as one of the most important additional tool. The software can take multiple varieties depending on how the business operates. Some other types of KPI-based tools are on the use of equipment, costs, and deliveries, manufacturing orders, and stock in the warehouse. These tools let you view your business operations in detail - revealing what's happening in the business. 


    #4 Shop-floor management and execution

    One of the most powerful mechanisms to get the maximum value of a production scheduling software is to link the job shop scheduling tool with shop-floor execution data. State-of-the-art production scheduling tools provide users with the capability to add information from the shop-floor to the schedule. Typically, this can be done by operators from their mobile devices. Based on this real-time shop-floor information, planners can (automatically) update their schedule and hence keep it current. 

    The integration of shop-floor data with the production scheduling software allows an almost real-time scheduling, which drives operational agility and better, faster decision making. With this tool, in essence job shop scheduling meets manufacturing execution.


    #5 Cloud delivery models

    Another great feature of production scheduling software is the ability to deliver in the cloud. In simpler words, Software as a Service (SaaS) and cloud technology allow vendors to conduct business processes efficiently by optimizing targets precisely. 

    The companies of respective clients can use subscription pricing as well as on-demand models to boost productivity and maintain elasticity. You can effectively develop successful and long-time relationships with your clients/vendors. The database and cloud delivery models allow you to check what they are ordering and how well they are using it. 


    Scale up your business with production scheduling software

    According to Forbes, (FORBES) around 60% of businesses will depend upon production planning software by the year 2020. If you are looking to scale up your business and boost your production department like never before, an exceptional, up-to-date and full-featured software might be just the right choice for you. Choose the software that suits your needs perfectly and matches your business processes. 

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