Two Goodies For Our Job Shop Manufacturing Software Users

    Martin Karlowitsch
    May 23, 2017

    In the ongoing process of improving and enhancing our just plan it job shop manufacturing software, we spent the past 2 to 3 weeks mostly on internal housekeeping work. This means, we corrected a few bugs that had been reported by our users and also did some code optimizations. In addition to this, we also added two new features that are live now. On the one hand, we enhanced the filter capabilities and on the other hand you now can copy a template.  

    Enhanced Filter Capabilities

    Until now, you could just filter on one clear criteria. This does the job well when you e.g. have different customers and want to see all jobs from one particular customer. Then the filter criteria is the customer name and you are good to go. However, we received the feedback from some customers that they often include some repeated "codes" in the job name, e.g. to reference to a certain item that is produced or used by this job.

    In order to enable them to filter on all jobs that contain a certain string of numbers and/or characters, we enhanced the filter capabilities. You can now type in the string that you want to filter on, and the dropdown list shows you all jobs that contain this string. You then can either filter on one job (by clicking this particular job) or on all jobs in the list by pressing the enter key. This is demonstrated in the short video below.


    This functionality is available for all users (BASIC, PRO and ENTERPRISE). 

    Copy a Job Template

    In addition to this, we enhanced our job shop manufacturing software in a way that ENTERPRISE users now easily can copy a job template. This works exactly like copying a job by pressing the respective copy icon in the "Manage Job Templates" dialog.

    Copy a Template in Job Shop Manufacturing Software.png 

    Once copied, you can edit the new template (change the name, change the routing, change set-up time, runtime etc.) the same way as you are used to editing templates. I am pretty sure that this will ease the life of folks working with templates.

    Next Steps

    There is more two come ... for sure. In a few weeks, we will (among others) further enhance the template functionality and then also allow you to upload new jobs via Excel that are linked to a template. In adition to this, we currently also ask users what to develop next with a mid-term perspective. Take your chance and contribute to our roadmap by voting now.

    If you are new to just plan it, we recommend registering to one of the upcoming webinars that we have scheduled for you. You can claim your seat here.

    Last but not least, you are cordially invited to give the software a try. It's free for 30 days and we do not ask for credit card details during the trial.

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