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Presented by:
Martin Karlowitsch - MD & Co-Owner of NETRONIC, "Chief Enthusiast" of just plan it
Elmar Karlowitsch - MD & Co-Owner of NETRONIC,  just plan it "Scheduling Guru"

By the way: you can watch recorded sessions at any time here.

Introduction to just plan it

Intro-level webinar for production planners and job shop owners. Should be attended by trial users, prospective customers and new employees of active customers.

We will show you the basics of just plan it, and enable you to make your first steps towards an easy time and resource scheduling. After attending the webinar, you will understand how the software works, and how to add and edit resource groups, resources, jobs and tasks.

You'll also get familiar with the "little 1x1 of scheduling" with just plan it.

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How to achieve an easier and faster scheduling

Advanced-level webinar for production planners and job shop owners. Should be attended by both customers and experienced trial users and prospective customers who have a good understanding of their own scheduling challenge.

You will learn how to better manage delivery times and how our scheduling engine works. In the webinar, we will show you 3 real-life use cases and how to master them with advanced just plan it capabilities. Join us to see how you can make faster and better scheduling decisions.

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Build an actionable production schedule in minutes. Learn how to understand dependencies and take corrective actions immediately.
Deliver on time and meet the commitments spot on that you made to your clients. Grow your business by renowned as "always delivering in time".
Seeing is believing. This is true for the visual schedule we deliver to you. But this also true for our software. Take a look by your own.