SAP Partner Navigator integrates production scheduling for job shops

    December 19, 2023

    The ERP system SAP Business ByDesign is designed specifically for mid-market businesses, including job shops and make-to-order manufacturers. By seamlessly integrating the ERP system with the innovative production scheduling software just plan it, the partner Navigator effectively enhances the productivity and delivery efficiency of these specialized manufacturers, ensuring sustainable growth.

    While the ERP system effectively caters to SMBs throughout the supply chain, it falls short of providing a production scheduling solution for job shops, particularly for order-driven production scheduling. These specialized manufacturers encounter unique production planning and scheduling challenges, such as

    • no standardization, but the uniqueness of the orders, i.e. individual routing, tasks, and material requirements
    • no long-term planning because planning rhythm is determined by the orders placed at short notice
    • many points in the process where the production schedule can get out of hand
    • constant rescheduling
    • delivery dates can only be calculated imprecisely

    Navigator Business Solution, an experienced SAP implementer, has consolidated its position as a reliable partner in the manufacturing industry. Navigator has recognized the value of just plan it's visual approach combined with a unique automatic finite scheduling model for its job shop customers and is now offering this software in addition to SAP Business ByDesign. Through seamless integration of the software, the data generated by the ERP system, such as production order data, resource data, and much more, is now automatically used to calculate the production schedule. Besides several setting options to tailor the schedule to the needs of the specific production, like outsourcing options, stand-by status, time-sensitive operations, and more, the planner has several options to create an individual production schedule and to manually intervene in the schedule, which is then recalculated. The new data is then written back into the ERP system.

    Data from SAP Business ByDesign visualized in just plan it - resource viewOverview of resources and their tasks

    Data from SAP Business ByDesign visualized in just plan it - order viewList of orders, sorted by priorities

    Watch the recording of joined webinar of Navigator and just plan it, to see the full functionality of just plan it and how it helps manufacturers, using SAP Business ByDesign, to get full control of their production schedule.

    Read also Navigator blog post "Simplify Production with Drag and Drop Scheduling for Your SAP System"  

    Take a look at this illustrative diagram showcasing the flawless integration of just plan it with SAP ByDesign. Witness the seamless collaboration between these two powerful tools and how they work in perfect harmony to revolutionize your production scheduling process.

    navigator interface with just plan it_1

    BTW: the open API of just plan it allows to integrate the production scheduling software in other ERP systems, as well (read more here).


    Are you a make-to-order company or any high-mix low-volume manufacturer and interested in the functionality of the production scheduling software just plan it? Schedule your personal discovery meeting here.

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