How To Undo Changes in Your Job Shop Production Schedule

    Martin Karlowitsch
    April 20, 2016

    With this blog post, we want to introduce to you two new features, which make working with just plan it even more straight-forward. Both are related to easily change your job shop production schedule. The first feature allows you to quickly undo and/or redo changes you made to the schedule. The second feature provides you with a fast path to calendar exceptions.

    Feature 1: undo/ redo

    Screenshot_-_Undo.pngFrom now on, you will notice these two icons in the left hand corner of the just plan it menu bar. With the left icon you can undo changes made to your job shop production schedule, and with the right icon you can redo them. You can undo/ redo as many steps as you like.

    Please note that there is a golden rule to the new undo/ redo functionality:

    • The undo/ redo functionality only is valid for all mouse interactions  (drag & drop) that you do in the Gantt chart(s)
    • It cannot be applied to any change you make via the buttons at the top of the application

    We have uploaded a short demo of this new functionality in the just plan it video section video section.

    Feature 2: fast path to calendar exceptions

    As you might know, just plan it allows you to define deviations from your default resource calendar. Once defined, they will get automatically taken into account when you make changes to the schedule. If you are in the resource calendar view, these deviations are shown as light blue "bars". This can be seen in the below screenshot: the machine CNC DMF-01 has planned downtime on Thursday and Friday.


    From now on you can simply click on this "exception bar" to open the respective dialogue with which you then can modify the machine's calendar. This will help you to faster manage and alter calendar deviations.


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