How To Log Into Easy Time And Resource Scheduling

    Martin Karlowitsch
    October 6, 2016

    You may have noticed that we as of today publish a new version of our just plan it software to achieve an easy time and resource scheduling for SMB manufacturers. This version comes with a plethora of new and exciting features for all our clients. You have missed it and want to learn more? Well, I just finished writing the longest blog post of my career about all the new functions. - This post here is very crisp. We changed the login process with the new version, and here you can learn how to access your easy time and resource scheduling software from now on.

    Gone are the days when you was requested to remember an odd URL in order to log into just plan it. Just forget the off URL, get instead to our site at and click the log in button in the upper right hand corner:


    That's all. Nice and easy. Now let's go ahead and test out all the cool new stuff that we just provided you with. Among these are highlights like:

    • The new hybrid scheduling mode
    • Creating job and task reports
    • Exporting data to Excel
    • Much easier creation of new jobs and tasks

    You are not yet using just plan it for easy time and resource scheduling? Why not giving a try?

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