Enhanced functionality for the Tablet Client and new drag & drop interactions for improved usability of the Main Client

    Elmar Karlowitsch
    December 19, 2022

    A new release of our production scheduling software just plan it for make-to-order companies, or any manufacturer working with high-mixed low-volume production was released today. In the December release we addressed three concerns:

    • Enhancing the tablet client by adding approval functionality.
    • Strengthening the planner's interaction capabilities in the table part of the Gantt Chart Views of the Main Client
    • Improvement of the performance

    Enhanced functionality for the Tablet Client

    In the last release of just plan it, the tablet client has been introduced. As a first step, we have equipped it with many features related to the setting of shopfloor progress data by operators. We reported on this in our last blog post.

    In this release, we have now taken the next step and extended the tablet client by adding approval functionality.

    new icons on ribbon bar in tablet client of just plan it

    Accordingly, the approval icon was added to the ribbon bar of the Tablet Client. This icon also shows - just like in the main client - the number of data reported by the shopfloor and that is ready for approval. The approval process can be initiated by clicking on the icon. Accordingly, the panel area of the tablet client shows the summary known from the main client with all corresponding functionalities.

    summery of shopfloor data to be approved

    If you have decided to integrate the role of the Chief Operator into the approval process, this is also supported by the Tablet Client. With the December release, you will now see two new icons in the ribbon bar of the Tablet client:

    If the icon is not grayed out, the chief operator is active. Clicking on the icon calls up the "Chief List" and displays it in the left part of the tablet client.

    chief operator list for progress data to check

    After checking the shopfloor data, the chief operator can release the data for the planner - as usual - by clicking on the icon. 

    Undo/redo in table client

    Mistakes are made everywhere. Now a new undo/redo function in the tablet client can be used to undo or redo an entry. The function can be found to the right of the list selection field in the ribbon bar.

    new undo/redo function in tablet client of just plan it


    Performance enhancements

    Our development team is constantly working on performance improvements. We have now been able to significantly improve the performance of the visualization in the Gantt Chart Views - especially when scrolling and zooming. For example, not all data is loaded when scrolling quickly. 

    When working with many jobs or resource data, there could previously be a delay in the display when scrolling. We are therefore very pleased that we can now provide you with a fast visualization even with large amounts of data. When you move the scroll bar quickly up or down, you will see diagonal lines in the Gantt area because data in these areas is not loaded. When scrolling slowly, the visualization remains as usual.

    enhanced performance in just plan it by selected data loading

    When zooming quickly in the timeline of just plan it, loading also takes place only after the zoom action has been completed.


    Fast interaction with drag&drop in the table area 

    Intuitive change of job sequence numbers by drag& drop

    Until now, a planner in just plan it could bring a job forward in time or move it back by assigning a lower or higher priority to the job in the jobs view. To do this, he entered the editing area and changed the sequence number accordingly. This was cumbersome, especially when he had to move many jobs. Therefore, we have now added a new drag&drop function, with which the planner can also move a job simply by using the mouse.

    Auxiliary lines and arrows help him with orientation.

    drag&drop interactions for moving jobs in just plan it

    The same applies to moving resource groups in the resource group view and resources in the resource view.

    Interactive movement of resource groups

    We know from our customers that their planners would like to arrange their resource groups in individual order to have a better overview of them. They can now conveniently achieve this using drag&drop. In the following example, the planner wants to arrange the Tax_Stamping group under the Tax_Staming_M group and the Filling group under the Filling_M group.

    drag&drop functionality in resource group view

    Interactive movement of resources within a resource group

    In the resource group view you can now set a sequence number of a resource within a resource group by drag&drop as well. In the sample below the planner wants Tax Stamp Machine 1 to be considered prior to Tax Stamp Machine 2 in case both resources are available for a certain task. You can see how the operations are automatically rescheduled accordingly.

    move resource in resource group by simple drag&drop

    Interactive movement of resources 

    The drag&drop functionality is also available in the resource view. As with the resource groups, the planner can arrange the order of his resources in the overview himself. In this example, he wants to be able to view the resources John, Peter, Ralph, and Marry directly below each other.

    resource view now with drag&drop functionality

    Drag&drop supported by intelligent visual assistance  

    Intelligent visual assistance is essential for a powerful digital graphical planning board. You will notice the symbol in addition to auxiliary lines and arrows for orientation during drag&drop interaction. It appears in the areas where the resource, the job, or the resource group may not be placed due to the systems' logic. For example, a resource group may not be dropped at the level of a resource when it is moved. Or a released job cannot be moved from the logic of the system into the area of the finished jobs. just plan it shows the prohibition with the symbol and also actively prevents a filing in this "forbidden area". The planner is thus protected from errors during the drag&drop interaction.

    In this example, just plan it prevents a resource group from being moved to the level of a resource. intelligent visualization in Gantt chart views in just plan it - forbidden areas

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