A color scheme for viewing the execution of your job shop scheduling

    Clara Cabrera
    January 23, 2018

    Our job shop scheduling software just plan it gives you the ability to create as many color schemes as you like. I sense that these color schemes can be truly helpful when trying to figure out certain situations on your shop floor faster. However, I also have the impression that color schemes are kind of "hidden champions" within the feature spectrum of our job shop scheduling software. Hence, I decided to kick off a blog series in which I share with you a couple of color schemes that really can help you improving your job shop scheduling. In this post, I give you some ideas how to color your schedule in a way that it tells you a bit more about the current execution of your schedule.

    Execution view

    Why this color scheme is relevant

    As of now, just plan it is for scheduling purposes and has (almost) no functionality that supports the
    execution. That means we do not support providing feedback from the shop floor directly into the
    schedule. Until we'll release an "operator app" later this year (still working conceptual facets of this), building an Execution View color scheme can be a truly cool alternative.

    Before and after

    Here is the schedule with the default color schemes. You can see which jobs are released, which
    jobs are ordered and which are quoted. However, within the released ones, you cannot see
    which tasks are finished, in process or which have any issue.

    Color Scheme 08 - screenshot 1 - before.png

    After applying an “Execution View” color scheme, the same schedule can look like the below. You
    see that the first task of job 1, job 2 and job is finished (black). Task 2 of job 1 is on hold (red) and
    some other tasks are already started (green).

    Color Scheme 08 - screenshot 2 - after.png


    How to build this color scheme

    For this color scheme, you can use some of the default “color as” values that we provide with
    just plan it:

    Color Scheme 08 - screenshot 3 - color as values.png

     After that, you can define the respective color scheme “Execution View” by selecting “color as” as
    filtering property and then choose started, paused and finished and define a respective “speaking”

    Color Scheme 08 - screenshot 4 - settings.png

    Recommended colors

    We recommend you make use of the complementary colors plus a darker shade. A different
    option, however, is choosing a dark and a light shade of the same color and a different color
    for the third shade.




    Your next steps

    Interesting in learning more about color schemes? Good news is that I wrote an Ebook in which I compiled 8 cool color schemes to improve yolur job shop scheduling. Download it now for free:

    Get you free ebook: 8 cool color schemes to improve your job shop scheduling

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