Improve your delivery time commitments and maximize your throughput with the most effective visual scheduling tooL for Small and Mid-sized manufacturing

[For: Motivated Job Shop & Machine Shop Owners]

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Stop improvising your machine shop scheduling on a whiteboard or with homegrown Excel sheets. just plan it is a Gantt chart based software that enables an easy-to-use and intuitive visual machine shop scheduling. Improve your delivery time commitments, better utilize your resources and react faster to unplanned incidents.

Feature-Drag and Drop

Bring your business to the next level. Book a free meeting with a scheduling  specialist >>

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Bring your business to the next level. Book a free meeting with a scheduling  specialist >>

Improve delivery time commitments

  • See your schedule at one glance.
  • Understand the impact of squeezing in a rush order.
  • Focus on those jobs that require your attention now.

Maximize throughput

  • Identify bottlenecks at one glance.
  • Take immediate action by drag & drop scheduling .
  • Get direct information from your shop-floor workers.

Optimize machine utilization

  • Automatic, priority-based scheduling supports all your actions.
  • Quickly add extra-time and see the impact of machine down-times.
  • Optimize your level of outsourcing.

Although job shops and machine shops often are comparably small enterprises, job shop scheduling and machine shop scheduling belongs to the most complex scheduling challenges at all. This is attributed to the characteristics of a typical job and machine shop:

  • Jobs with small batch sizes using shared resources
  • Jobs with different routings, due dates and priorities
  • Volatile environment: permanent need to quickly react to short-term incidents

The job shop and machine shop scheduling challenge

There are some characteristics that make scheduling especially challenging for machine shops:

  • Runtimes of operations can only be estimated roughly, and need to be adapted during execution constantly
  • Clients change their minds and modify their orders
  • Suppliers do not deliver in time or in quality
  • Machines break down or need to be maintained
  • Necessity to do some rework as quality was not as expected
  • Need to squeeze in a "hot job" for the no1 customer

Typically, standard enterprise software packages are rather complex, expensive and require relevant IT skills. Hence, they often are not the appropriate solution for machine shops. Instead, many SMB make-to-order manufactures tend to manage their shop schedule with homegrown Excel spreadsheets. Well, they might not be expensive in terms of the purchase price, but they require high manual maintenance, hardly scale with the business and they do not provide any kind of automatic support.

Master the challenge - without spending a fortune: just plan it

just plan it is an easy production scheduling software for job shops and machine shops. It is specifically built to fill this gap and to help make-to-order manufacturers with an easy time and resource scheduling. The just plan it scheduling engine is designed for SMBs and provides efficient automatic support.

Bring your business to the next level. Book a free call with a scheduling  specialist >>