Ebook 3 Steps to Improve On-Time Deliveries_TitleWhat you get from this Ebook

This Ebook reveals the 3 steps to improve your on-time deliveries by at least 30% without constant fire-fighting. We know that dealing with rush orders and with key customer inquiries often results in chaotic fire-drills. We found the formula to overcome this with professional production scheduling and with the appropriate training to succeed.

This strategy was used at multiple firms over the last 12 months. Here are the results:

  • Loynds International saw a 37% increase
  • CioVita saw a 25% increase
  • Giro Engineering achieved an almost 100% OTD

Who should read this Ebook

Read the Ebook if you are

  • A (high-mix, low-volume) make-to-order machine shop
  • Who wants to implement professional production scheduling
  • To gain full transparency on what is happening on the shop-floor
  • To increase on-time deliveries
  • And get rid of the constant fire-fighting.

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