Easy job shop shop scheduling with just plan it - an introduction

This  webinar provides you with a 60-minutes introduction into the just plan it software for an easy time and resource scheduling. More than 80% of the webinar is a hands-on demo, and no PPT slides.

Key parameters

  • Date & time: 25 June 2019 - 5pm CEST (Berlin) / 11am EST (New York) 
  • Level: beginner 
  • Audience: production planner, manufacturing operations manager, job shop owner
  • Organizations: customers as well as prospective customers and trial / free users

What you learn from this webinar

This webinar will be for folks who are relatively unfamiliar with just plan it or who looked at the software few months ago and need an update. Here is what you'll learn:

  • How to achieve an easy time and resource scheduling
  • How to get started with just plan it
  • How the modular product structure works
  • How to upload production data from Excel to just plan it
  • How to update, understand, schedule and report your production planning data
  • How to manage delivery time and resource conflicts
  • And much more

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