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Do you have repeat jobs? Do you produce a certain set of items with each the same routing? Set up job templates, and then create a new job with the full routing with one click.

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The modular concept

just plan it is a modular production scheduling software. It allows you to "configure" your easy and visual production scheduling experience by your own, and tailor "your" software to your needs. That way, you always just pay to us what you need and use. The smallest paid version is called STARTER. Once on the STARTER plan, you can add functional modules to enhance your production scheduling capabilities. 

The TEMPLATES module: what is in it?

Do you have jobs (with a complex routing) that repeat from time to time? Or are you specialized on producing a set of items that you make regularly? In these cases, the TEMPLATES module can be of big help for you. With a template, you can define the routing of that repeat job once, and then apply to any new job that you create. 

When talking about templates, we mean a template for a job that defines

  • The tasks that you have to do in order to get the job done
  • The sequence of these tasks
  • The resources (or better: the resource groups) that should work on any of these tasks
  • The average time it takes per task to complete one unit of the jobs's deliverable
    (simple example: if you need to deliver 25 products of type A and all have to run through a painting cabin, then you can define that it takes 10 minutes per piece for the painting cabin)

With templates defined, scheduling a new job becomes fairly easy:

  1. Create the job
  2. Select the template
  3. Specify the quantity
  4. Confirm ...

... and the job with all its tasks and their complete durations as well as the allocation of the tasks to the resources will be put to the schedule in a second.

Of course, you can define and manage as many templates as you like.  

What can you achieve with the TEMPLATES module?

With templates, you truly increase the speed with which you add a new job to your schedule. Hence, the TEMPLATES modules provides you with additional scheduling efficiency and agility.

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