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Visually manage a complex and comprehensive schedule at an entry-level price point.

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The modular concept

just plan it is a modular production scheduling software. It allows you to "configure" your easy and visual production scheduling experience by your own, and tailor "your" software to your needs. That way, you always just pay to us what you need and use. It all starts with the FREE plan. The smallest paid version is called STARTER. Once on the STARTER plan, you can add functional modules to enhance your production scheduling capabilities. 

The STARTER plan: what is in it?

The STARTER plan is not for free. We'll charge money for it, but you can test it for 30 days before we charge your credit card. Here is actually a short video that shows you how to start the free trial of the STARTER plan from your free account.

The STARTER plan is based on the same scheduling engine as the FREE plan. Hence you get a powerful finite capacity scheduler for an automatic, priority-based scheduling. You then can complement this automatic scheduling with a manual drag & drop scheduling.

Other then the FREE plan, the STARTER plan allows you to handle much more tasks and jobs. With the STARTER plan, you can schedule up to 1,500 tasks.

In addition to this, the STARTER includes

  • More scheduling comfort (all functions in the Update tab)
  • The capability to upload data from Excel
  • Additional scheduling views
  • More planners (one at a time to be logged in)


What can you achieve with the STARTER plan?

With STARTER, you can come a long way with respect to proper production scheduling. You can 

  • Visually manage your schedule
  • Easily add "rush orders" to your schedule and immediately see the impact on all other jobs
  • Change your schedule following the idea of a priority-based scheduling
  • Spot bottlenecks in your shop and take corrective actions immediately
  • Add extra shifts (work time) as well as machine down-time and understand the impact of this on your entire schedule
  • (Mass) upload new jobs via Excel (that you e.g. extracted from your ERP)

Remember: all of this comes at moderate entry-level price point.

However, there might be occasions in which you need something extra. In that case, simply add one (or more) of the our modules to your STARTER base plan.