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The modular concept

just plan it is a modular production scheduling software. It allows you to "configure" your easy and visual production scheduling experience by your own, and tailor "your" software to your needs. That way, you always just pay to us what you need and use. It all starts with the FREE plan. The smallest paid version is called STARTER. Once on the STARTER plan, you can add functional modules to enhance your production scheduling capabilities. 

The FREE plan: what is in it?

First and foremost: the FREE plan is what it says. It is free to use, no credit card required and it's free forever. The FREE plan includes

  • visual and easy production scheduling
  • automatic finite capacity scheduling - based on the priority of your jobs
  • manual drag & drop scheduling
  • unlimited resources
  • access for 1 planner
  • access for unlimited viewers
  • the Jobs View (a job-centric Gantt chart)
  • the Resource Group View (a resource Gantt chart)

The FREE plan is limited to 50 tasks. 


What can you achieve with the FREE plan?

With the FREE plan you get a visual, and hence easy and human production scheduling - especially made for job shops, machine shops and small make-to-order manufacturers. You can use it for free, forever.

If you are growing, or need to schedule more than 50 tasks, you should use the FREE to make yourself familiar with just plan it. That way, you can achieve the following:

  • Get familiar with our automatic scheduling
  • Set up your resources and resource groups (they are not limited)

Once you are done with this and want to experience more scheduling power, switch the account to the STARTER plan.

Watch the following video to get an intro into the FREE plan: