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Add more granularity to your time and resource scheduling:
schedule with set-up times, tear-down times and transfer times.

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The modular concept

just plan it is a modular production scheduling software. It allows you to "configure" your easy and visual production scheduling experience by your own, and tailor "your" software to your needs. That way, you always just pay to us what you need and use. The smallest paid version is called STARTER. Once on the STARTER plan, you can add functional modules to enhance your production scheduling capabilities. 

The DETAILED TIMES module: what is in it?

With the STARTER plan, you schedule each task with the total time it takes to complete it for one unit that you manufacture. We call it production time per unit, or runtime. This works for many customers.

However, we also know cases in which you need to break-down this total time into more detailed time blocks. This is what the "schedule with detailed times" module brings you. Here you can differentiate:

  • Set-up time
  • Production time per unit
  • Tear-down time
  • Transfer time

More details about the DETAILED TIMES module

The overall time-span that it takes to complete a task is called runtime, and gets calculated as follows:

Runtime = Set-up time + Production time per unit * quantity + tear-down time

Set-up time,  production tome per unit and tear-down time are pretty obvious. However, the DETAILED TIMES module provides you with a fourth time element: the transfer time.

Here is what this means: all three components of the runtime utilize a resource for the defined period. The transfer defines the minimum "pause" between a task and its successor; so it is e.g. the time it takes to move a semi-finished product from resource A to resource B:

  • Set-up time: utilizes capacity
  • Production time: utilizes capacity
  • Tear-down time: utilizes capacity
  • Transfer time: does not utilize capacity

Icon_show runtime details_new.pngWhen the DETAILED TIMES module is active, the icon shown on the left hand side is enabled in your Understand/Schedule tab. Once clicked, any task bar looks like below (if you used the detailed time variables, of course).

The increasing triangle showing the set-up time, the "conventional" bar the production time, the decreasing triangle the tear-down time and the purple link the transfer time:

New Bar Shapes.png

This video provides more information about the "Detailed Times" video: