Easy time and resource scheduling for all Dynamics 365 users (Business Edition)

In Essence

just plan it brings an easy time and resource scheduling to job shops and small make-to-order manufacturers. Its entirely visual approach enables manufacturers to schedule like planners think. With just plan it, shop owners gain control over their schedules and increase their delivery time commitments.

We have integrated just plan it with Dynamics 365 (for Finance and Operations, Business Edition). This brings visual production scheduling capabilities to Dynamics 365 ... and makes Dynamics 365 a powerful software for all job shops. Watch the video to see this integration in action and then sign up to get notified as soon as we are on AppSource.


Focus on visual scheduling

  • Understand schedule immediately
  • Take actions that you understand
  • Improve delivery time commitments

For SMBs & jobs shops

Focus on SMB manufacturing

  • Made for jobs shops
  • Made for small make-to-order manufactures
  • Not for the big guys; no sophistication

Fully integrated

Focus on D365 (Business Ed.)

  • Integrates with D365 sales orders
  • Available in AppSource soon
  • Just for D365 for Financials (Business Edition)
just plan it makes Dynamics 365 A truly valuable software for job shops 

Don't miss any update

We are in the process of getting our just plan it app for Dynamics 365 (Business Edition) into AppSource. Please share with us your email address and we'll let you know once the app is available there.