We are here to help you.

Good news: you are not alone. There are lot of options to get in contact with us and to get help. Make good use of them.

Your support options

We are absolutely committed to providing fast and high-quality support. Here is what you can do to get help.

1. Submit a support case

Fill the form at the right hand side and press "please contact me!". This goes straight into the team inbox of our support team

2. Chat with us

We have this little chat icon ... on our website, but also when your are logged into your just plan it account. Just type in a question, and we'll answer it as fast as we can.

3. Email us

OK - you are neither a form nor a chat person ;-) -- This is fine with us as well. Send us an email to support@just-plan-it.com and kindly let us know what we can do for you.