just plan it 365 for Dynamics 365 Business Central

The just plan it 365 app enables Business Central customers to achieve an easy production scheduling. The app is free for all Business Central users and requires a just plan it PRO plan.

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The just plan it 365 app for Dynamics 365 Business Central

Easy time and resource scheduling for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

just plan it brings an easy time and resource scheduling to small make-to-order manufacturers. We provide an app, that we call just plan it 365. This app works as an integration between Business Central and just plan it. It enables you to automatically create production orders in just plan it from items that you add to a sales order/ quote in Business Central. It provides you with "production finish" information on the fly and thus brings production scheduling to Business Central.

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What it does: bringing production scheduling to Business Central

What Dynamics 365 Business Central does

Dynamics 365 Business Central is an all-in-one business management solution that's easy to use and adapt, helping you connect your business and make smarter decisions. It helps you manage, run and grow your business

In Business Central, you manage your customers, your sales quotes and orders, your items, your resources and much more. If you work with Business Central Premium, you also get manufacturing capability. However, this functionality is more geared towards serial production in a relatively stable environment.

Business Central (manufacturing) is not tailored towards the scheduling requirements of volatile high-mix low-volume producers such as job shops and machine shops. However, all other standard Business Central functions are ideal for these type of companies.

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What just plan it 365 does

just plan it is an easy time and resource scheduling software that was made with a clear focus on small make-to-order manufacturers such as job shops and machine shops. It is a stand-alone software-as-a-service product, which enables SMB production companies to visually manage their schedule. just plan it also allows bringing execution (i.e. "live" shopfloor data) into the schedule and hence running the shop with an always current schedule.

The just plan it 365 app available on AppSource that we made purposely for Dynamics 365 Business Central. Precisely: Business Central Essentials. It integrates the Business Central software with the just plan it software and is made for those manufacturing companies, for which the Business Central Premium manufacturing is too sophisticated. It brings easy production scheduling to Business Central Essential customers.

What it costs

The just plan it 365 app is free-of-charge. However if you want to achieve an easy time and resource scheduling with just plan it for Dynamics 365 Business Central, you need to subscribe to a just plan it PRO plan. You find the overview of our plans and pricing at www.just-plan-it.com/pricing.

Why just plan it for Dynamics 365 Business Central


Focus on visual scheduling

  • Understand schedule immediately
  • Take actions that you understand
  • Improve delivery time commitments

For SMBs & jobs shops

Focus on job shops

  • Made for jobs & machine shops
  • Made for small make-to-order manufactures
  • Not for the big guys; no sophistication

Fully integrated

Focus on Business Central

  • Integrates with D365 Business Central
  • Uses sales orders & quotes, items and resources
  • Made for Business Central Essentials
 just plan it Empowers Job Shops and Small Manufactures to achieve an Easy Production scheduling when running and growing The Business with Dynamics 365 Business Central.

How it works

just plan it 365 is an app that integrates Business Central with just plan it

We actually have another site that provides in-depth how-to information and that documents how the just plan it 365 app integrates Dynamics 365 Business Central (Essential) with just plan it and what you need to do within Business Central to unleash the full scheduling power of just plan it. Here is just a short overview of the essential steps needed to make this happen:

  1. Go to Micosoft AppSource and search for the just plan it 365 app.
  2. Download the just plan it 365 app into your Dynamics 365 Business Central. It's free.
  3. Create a free trial just plan it trial account.
  4. Connect your Business Central account with your just plan it account. You do this from within Business Central.
  5. Define resource calendars and item routings in Business Central.

And then: enjoy an easy production scheduling for your Business Central jobs.