On-boarding Services

Achieve your scheduling goals faster. We help you with a hassle-free set-up and our scheduling coaches get you started with just plan it rapidly. If you like, we include the one-way integration with your ERP into the on-boarding services. 

The on-boarding services include

  • A dedicated scheduling coach
  • 5 online meetings (approx. 1 hour each)
  • Email support with guaranteed response times (1 day)
  • Daily data backups
  • Sandbox to test the Execute Mode with your data
  • Extended free trial period (40 extra days)
  • Integration (one-way) with your ERP system
    (will increase the monthly subscription fees by 15%)
  • 50% discount on subscription fees for 1st year
    (if a full-year subscription is signed max. 5 days after the on-boarding service)



Discovery call

Data preparation

Setting up the account

Visual Scheduling Cycle

Enhanced usage

  • Understanding your situation
  • Understanding your scheduling requirements
  • Definition of your “scheduling success” criteria
  • Collect your scheduling data in Excel
  • Resources
  • Calendars
  • Jobs & tasks
  • Create resource groups and resources
  • Create calendars
  • Create sample jobs
  • Day-to-day usage of just plan it
  • Create “real-life” jobs
  • Take scheduling actions
  • Work with the Execute Mode
  • Specify the interface to your ERP
  • Assessment of success
  • Individual tips & tricks
  • Advanced features

We happily help every just plan it customer. However, this is just the average, standard help. With on-boarding services customers we go the extra-mile and make a deep-dive into your specific processes.

On-boarding service is the short-track to your scheduling success. Plus:

  • You get a personal scheduling coach
  • You get an interface to your ERP system
  • You get an extended trial phase
  • You get some extra hand-holding

Once you are done with your on-boarding service, you have all what you need to unleash the full scheduling power of just plan it.

  • Your account is fully set up
  • It integrates (one-way) with your ERP
  • You see and schedule your jobs & resource in just plan it
  • Your key users are trained
  • You achieve your scheduling goals
The On-Boarding service Is your short track to scheduling success