Manual Mode: Change plan by adding capacity

As described in the The manual mode chapter, the planner has always full control of his plan so that plan modifications never directly affect any jobs or their tasks, meaning that no matter whether the planner moves a task or changes resource capacities, the other tasks will never be moved (automatically).

At the same time, this relative freedom means that the planner has to keep actively solving existing conflicts. This is mainly done by drag & drop or by increasing the scarce capacities, since changing the job status or the priority have no effects on the other jobs and their tasks. This is done in the Manage Deviations ... dialog which is called by clicking Icon_Manage_Deviations.png.

Adding capacity - e.g. by adding a new shift or by prolonging current shifts - means that processing of the task that was assigned on the respective resource in the respective time window will be accelerated.  Beware: in the manual mode the succeeding tasks (ASAP)/the predecessing tasks (JIT) and all other jobs  will remain unaffected. Potential gaps between bars  that might result out of this acceleration need to be closed manually.