DOCUMENTATION - Notifications

Notifications for better communication Icon_Notifications.png

By introducing notifications to just plan it, we want to facilitate the communication between parties involved and to increase the transparency about what is happening and what is planned to happen on the shop floor.

So far, the notification functionality helps us to better collaborate with you:

  • We can inform all users about changes in the software.
  • We can send selected messages to selected users.
  • We can update individual users on individual questions you raised (rather than sending emails).
  • We can provide individual users with tips & tricks based on observations we make.

After you have clicked the notifications icon, the notifications are displayed as headlines between the menu ribbon and the visual schedule:


Notification options in detail


Show/hide the notification area.
The number in the orange circle indicates the number of notifications available

notification_select.png Click a headline to read the complete notification
notifications_delete.png Delete a notification