The Menu Ribbon


At the very top of the just plan it software, you find the graphical menu ribbon. Its buttons are grouped in five tabs according to their function and give you access to the key features of the software.

An orange stripe below a button indicates that this option is currently activated, a blue one highlights the button you are currently hovering over with the mouse cursor while at the same time a tooltip for this button is shown.

Find below a description of each button, categorized by the according tabs.

The menu ribbon mirrors a framework that we call visual scheduling cycleTalking to customers and trial users and also observing how the most effective companies work with our software, we came to the conclusion to recommend every user following the visual scheduling cycle of:

  • Update your schedule (integrate the most recent information that you have)
  • Understand your schedule (see the impact that these 'news' have on your current schedule)
  • Schedule (make a new schedule and follow the calls-to-action and insights that you just gained)
  • Report your schedule (to the teams that are actually tasked with executing it)
  • Execute your schedule (and enable your teams to provide easy feedback on the status quo)

Here are the functions that we provide for each step of the visual scheduling cycle: 


Import_XLS_Icon.png   Upload XLSX files.
Edit_Jobs_Icon.png   Add, delete and edit jobs and tasks, starting from the Manage Jobs dialog.
Edit_Resources_Icon.png   Add, delete and edit resources in the Manage Resources dialog.
Edit_Resource_Groups_Icon.png   Add, delete and edit resource groups  in the Manage Resource Groups dialog.
Deviation_Standard_Worktime_Icon.png   Open the Manage deviations  dialog where you can specify individual work times for a specified timerange and resources.
Manage_Templates.png   Open the Manage Job Templates dialog to set up template-based scheduling.

Clicking this icon will set the baseline for all jobs that don't have any baseline yet.

The baseline is the approved initial schedule of a job: Significant, job-related key figures being freezed as initial values. These values can be viewed in the Report dialog

Note that already existing baselines will not be updated and that setting the baseline for multiple jobs in one go can only be done once and also can't be undone.

You  can, however, update the baseline for one particular job. To do so, click the according item of the job's context menu in the table area of the Job View.

By hitting the button, the date of setting the baseline will be entered in the "baseline time stamp" field in the "Manage Job Details" dialog. As this field only serves for information purposes it can't be edited.

Tip: If you want to be 100% sure for which jobs the baseline will be set, switch to the Job View and filter on all jobs having no baseline yet.

For more detailed information on the baseline, watch this video.

 notification_icon.2png.png    Show/hide notifications
approve2   Switch to the Execute mode to approve shopfloor data and update your schedule accordingly.
Support2   Click to start a conversation with our support team.
Logout_2.png   Logout


Undo_alone.png   Undo your latest action.
Redo.png   Redo your latest action.
Job_View_Icon.png   Switch to Job View, where jobs are displayed categorized by status and ordered by sequence number.
 resource_group_view_07_2018_2   Switch to Resource Group View where tasks are displayed categorized by resource groups and resources.
ResourceView_Icon.png   Switch to Resource View where tasks are diplayed categorized by resources only without displaying the assignment to resource groups.
CalendarView_Icon.png   Switch to Calendar View where working and non-working time of every resource are displayed as well as deviations from your standard calendar. 
Fit_into_view_Icon.png   Fit whole schedule into view to see entire schedule at a glance.
Scroll_Planning_Start_Icon.png   Scroll to planning start.

Tasks affected by plan modifications having been carried out since the last update are highlighted as follows:

  • In the diagram area
Show_Changes_2.png a light grey frame appears around the bar/s
  • In the table area, different symbols indicate that
green_triangle_2.png the job was late before; as a result of the last change to the schedule it is in time now
red_triangle_right_2.png the job was late before; as a result of the last change to the schedule the delay is even higher than before.
red_triangle_right.png the job was in time before; as a result of the last change to the schedule it is late now.
red_triangle_left.png the job was late before; as a result of the last change to the schedule the delay is shorter than before
 runtime_details_icon.png   Show/hide runtime details as having been defined in the Manage Task Details dialog.
Color_Scheme_Default.png   Select a color scheme that previously has been created in the Color Schemes dialog. 
filter_2.png   Limit the data to be displayed by specifying filter settings. For more detailed information, please read the corresponding blog.


Show_Hide_Workfree_Icon.png   Show/ hide non-working intervals: the grey calendar grid indicating non-working times is switched on/off.
Show_Links_Icon.png   Visualize dependencies of the tasks of the selected job:Show_Links.png
Support2   Click to start a conversation with our support team.
Logout_2.png   Logout


Export_XLS_Icon.png   Create versatile reports and open the generated reports in Microsoft Excel to continue working with the data there.
Log_Icon2.png   Open the Change Log dialog where you can create a report on the changes having been carried out to your schedule and export it to Microsoft Excel.
Support2   Click to start a conversation with our support team.
Logout_2.png   Logout


With the exception of the Execute Mode-specific icons, the menu ribbon is similar to the Essentials ribbon and hence only the Excecute-specific icons will be explained. 

zoom Click to directly bring into view the time span  between Planning Start and Time Now.
set_shopfloor_data Show the next/previous task with (potentially) missing shopfloor data.
approve2 Update your schedule according to the shopfloor data.



settings_alone_2.png   Specify some basic settings in the Settings dialog, like the planning start, the major job planning strategy, whether you want to schedule in minutes or in hours and some more.
Mapping_Icon.png   Call the Mapping dialog in case you want to import an Excel file for the first time and the data of this file don't match the default. 

Call the Color Schemes dialog where you can create and edit color schemes.

settings_zoom   Change the resolution of your schedule. The zoom level selected here is applied to the Job View, the Resource View and the Calendar View. 
User_Management_Icon.png   In the User Managment you can edit, add and delete users.
Tutorium_Icon.png   Opens the Learn Dashboard
Support2   Click to start a conversation with our support team.